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[rpd] Some thoughts, and some actions required

Michele McCann michele at
Sun Feb 7 15:58:20 UTC 2016

Hello everyone

Agree with Andrew we have a huge market here.  We having to help clients daily with IP requests on various segments.

However personally if a global organisation has invested in Africa there I don't see any reason for them to get blocks.

Would hate to see IP brokers take the assets especially as we are finally seeing the market come alive.

Just some humble words

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There is no big market out there?

There have been 3586 transfers in the RIPE region since they started allowing transfers, and from 2014 to date the total number of IP’s transferred are close to, or slightly more than 18 million addresses.

In the ARIN region there have been around 4.5 million addresses transferred since start of 2014 (and its picking up)

Added together, that’s 22.5 million addresses, or close the amount of space AFRINIC has available total.

There is a market, time to wake up to reality and accept it


From: Noah <noah at<mailto:noah at>>
Date: Sunday, 7 February 2016 at 6:00 PM
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Subject: Re: [rpd] Some thoughts, and some actions required

On 7 Feb 2016 13:02, "jcadams0304" <jcadams0304 at<mailto:jcadams0304 at>> wrote:
> Hi
> Supply and demand.
> If there is an need, and someone willing to pay for that need, there always supply.
> Legalise only make things cheaper, does not change the fact about demand always will be satisfied regardless the legislation.
> 1930s US banned alcohol, the only effectiveness of such legislation is making everyone supplies alcohol happy because now same product ten times the price.
> According to, doctors made over 40m USD(600M USD in today's money) in whiskey prescription. Mafia group made much more, in fact, legalise Alcohol later on was opposed and lobbied continuing the ban by mafia group who selling alcohols.
> Same goes for the transfer market, if you think anyone selling IP is evil, then forbidding a transfer policy only make the price higher for them to sell, in which, make the person who selling it happier.
> Policy only do so such to the reality, same goes for laws, there is not a single country on this planet you can not buy weed, while only a few legalised them.

IP addresses are not weed or alcohol.

No tranfer market, means no one can sell out even if they had  redundant resources as there is no policy that allows it thus rendering the whole thing illegal....

Secondly there is no big market for IP addresses outside there as some folk want to make it seem so as to make folks worry that once we run out we wont run business just because there is no tranfer market.... there are some work arounds when when get there....

Why invent IPv6 and then champion its adoption.... In anycase stick to the new model as the old model runs out of supply.

> With regards
> John C.Adams.

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