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[rpd] Some thoughts, and some actions required

Owen DeLong owen at
Sun Feb 7 03:45:22 UTC 2016

> We share some interests but have different needs from some of the folks debating transfer markets.  Comparisons with environments with different dynamics is also not something we would engage in.   What we would rather do is explore ways to limit the rate of exhaustion of Afrinic's IPv4 resources such that there is a fairer system where newcomers are not disadvantaged and our collective interest for the growth of the African Internet is preserved.

We cannot avoid disadvantaging some group in this process one way or another.

If we limit the rate of consumption, then we disadvantage those with current need in the hopes of preserving some capacity for those who have not come to ask yet.

If we provide according to present need, then we have no addresses for those who come later.

I am not opposed to setting aside some small pool for new entrants to handle transitional technologies (NAT64 pools, dual-stacking critical infrastructure such as critical general-use (root, traditional GTLD, etc.) name-servers, etc. However, recognize that in doing so, you are inherently, to some extent disadvantaging another class of members with genuine and legitimate need.

When we consider “limiting the rate of exhaustion”, we should fully recognize that this is _NOT_ a magic bullet. The only way to limit the rate of exhaustion is to deny some fraction of legitimate requests for address space which is needed by the applicants for legitimate deployments.


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