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[rpd] Some thoughts, and some actions required

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Feb 3 05:28:07 UTC 2016

> > What are Africans going to do when AfriNIC has no more space and they have to have space?  Go without because we can’t transfer in and access the only available space available, that which is going on the secondary market?
> >
> Africans will by that time still have space and dont forget IPv6 is also something folks have been looking forward too....Which is why everyone is pushing for compliance
> In anycase, things in this continent are done sponteniously, no need to rush into such proposals when there are alternatives....[1]
Unless I misunderstand the AfriNIC RPD process, if we do not come to consensus on a policy in June, there cannot be a policy until at least 6 months later when the next AfriNIC meeting occurs.

As Andrew has shown that runout will very likely occur in the time between those two meetings, I think that depending on existing stockpiles of addresses to get everyone through the time to develop a policy at the following meeting is rather short-sighted and perilous.

If the community as a whole decides that running out with a resounding thud and taking an approach of too-bad-so-sad, all expansion must now be IPv6, then I don’t really have a problem with that decision. I think it will be a difficult decision for many to live with, but who knows, perhaps it will give IPv6 a nice kick into high gear and everything will turn out OK after all.

What I would hate to see is for the community to stick their collective head in the sand and refuse to consider the consequences of such a decision allowing it to occur passively and without forethought and deliberation.

The soft landing policy isn’t a workaround as it stands. I’m not sure that minor modification will turn it into one. However, if you care to expand on what minor changes you believe will provide such a remedy, I think the community would give them the appropriate consideration.


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