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[rpd] Improving participation of francophone and arab country

Chevalier du Borg virtual.borg at
Thu Dec 31 10:51:09 UTC 2015

2015-12-31 12:09 GMT+04:00 Mark Elkins <mje at>:

> On Thu, 2015-12-31 at 08:49 +0400, Chevalier du Borg wrote:
> > thank you for you great analyses!
> "Knight" to the rescue (sorry - waiting days to say that :)

:)))   you are very funny Mr Mark!

> >
> > a) there are thousands of french-speaker who ARE NOT ON THIS LIST.
> > Some think it because of language barrier. I disagree ... i think they
> > don't just care. If they have not even register, how can they claim
> > language barrier?
> There are probably quite a few people on this list but most remain
> quiet. There are "usually suspects" who frequently contribute. Most folk
> are sensible and only post when there is actually a policy under
> discussion.

so if there are many and only about 8 are complaining about language
...then this is not real problem. correct?

> As for "thousands", looking at members per country, the average
> francophone country has a lot less members per country than other
> non-francophone countries. This could explain why there are less French
> speakers.

- you don't need to be a member to be part of community.
- there's nothing stopping 5 - 10 people from a single member to become
part of PDP mailing list
- afrinic train about 200 - 300 engineer in french countries every year
(including about why PDP, how to join --- that's how i find out). add that
over last 5 years and you get large potential pool
- check attendance of people who attend afrinic meeting in french country
...another pool of potential

> >
> > a) afrinic staff can make sure that during meeting ... there are
> > printed copy of policy texts (latest version) in english and FRENCH
> Members could use google translate.

I mean both english and french. I have witness that policy discussion can
be richer (and allow people who are not on mailing list) when people have
printed copy of proposal to read from and debate. this will increase
participation. it's not bad to ask afrinic staff to do this at _PUBLIC
MEETINGS ONLY_ listers can use google translate (or ask help on list) other

> > b) afrinic staff can provide monthly summaries of policy discussion in
> > english and french (even using community help)
> Same as (a), there is not much policy being discussed anyway. I think
> only Douglas and I have policies under discussion.

Do it whenever there's been substantial discussion then?

Borg le Chevalier
"Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"
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