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[rpd] New Proposal - "Number Resources Transfer Policy (AFPUB-2015-GEN-001-DRAFT-01)"

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Tue Nov 3 09:45:47 UTC 2015

Dear Members,

The policy proposal can also be found at the AFRINIC website by following
the url below:


On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 5:47 PM, Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at> wrote:

> Dear Members,
> We have received a new policy Proposal - "Number Resources Transfer Policy
> (AFPUB-2015-GEN-001-DRAFT-01)"
> *Number Resources Transfer Policy*
> ID:              AFPUB-2015-GEN-001-DRAFT-01
> Policy Name:     Number Resources Transfer Policy
> Submitted:        29 October 2015
> Status:        Under Discussion
> Author:          Mark Elkins, mje at, Posix Systems
> *1.0 Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal:*
> AFRINIC is the only Regional Internet Registry without a Transfer policy
> for the movement of numbering resources - both in and out of the Region.
> APNIC, RIPE NCC and ARIN have compatible Transfer Policies, so it would
> seem wise to be compatible with them.
> *2.0 Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem*
> The Policy solves the issue of an African organisation using space in
> another Region. This Proposal currently does not attempt to address Legacy
> Resources (IPv4 and ASN's) - that is resources that are in the AFRINIC
> Region and were acquired before ARIN existed. Legacy Resources may be moved
> out of the AFRINIC region and redeployed freely. They may however be
> subject to the receiving RIR's policies.
> *3.0 Proposal:*
> 3.1 The source entity must be the current rights holder of the IPv4
> address resources recognized by the RIR responsible for the resources, and
> not be involved in any dispute as to the status of those resources.
> A. Source entities outside of the AFRINIC region must meet any
> requirements defined by the RIR where the source entity holds the
> registration.
> B. Source entities within the AFRINIC region will not be eligible to
> receive any further IPv4 address allocations or assignments from AFRINIC
> for a period of 12 months after a transfer approval, or until the
> exhaustion of AFRINIC's IPv4 space, whichever occurs first. This
> restriction is excluded if the Resource is transferred to the same business
> entity operating in a different region.
> C. Source entities within the AFRINIC region must not have received a
> transfer, allocation, or assignment of IPv4 number resources from AFRINIC
> for the 12 months prior to the approval of transfer request. This
> restriction excludes Mergers and Acquisitions transfers and Transfers to
> the same business entity in a different region.
> D. The minimum transfer size is a /24.
> 3.2 - Conditions on recipient of the transfer:
> A. The conditions on a recipient outside of the AFRINIC region will be
> defined by the policies of the receiving RIR.
> B. Recipients within the AFRINIC region will be subject to current AFRINIC
> policies and sign an RSA for the resources being received.
> C. Recipients within the AFRINIC region must demonstrate the need for up
> to a 24-month supply of IPv4 address space.
> D. The minimum transfer size is a /24.
> *4.0 Version History*
> 30 Oct 2015     AFPUB-2015-GEN-001-DRAFT-01 posted
> Best Regards
> Relevant Url:
> 1. Policy Development process:
> 2. AFRINIC Public policy meeting site:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Barry Macharia & Seun Ojedeji
> PDWG Co-Chairs
> Bringing another down does not take you up - think about your action!


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Bringing another down does not take you up - think about your action!
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