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[rpd] Integrity Issues

Noah noah at
Mon Jul 13 08:34:39 UTC 2015

I was not in Tunis and a search through afrinic youtube video clips has not
yielded anything, so i don't know what exactly Mr.Alston said but
considering the fact that the board took upon itself to look into the issue
and after reading what the Chair shared as minutes ref: Andrew's integrity
issue... and now Andrew's response..this is what i have gathered...

[Andrew Alston Talks to much to the point that his own words (confession)
from the communities perspective are concluded as (baseless allegations by
himself) ] hence confusing not only the community which is seaking clarity
on the matter but also the board itself which investigated the matter and issues at all.

So my advice is [ Taking Too Much] is also not good sometimes, as one can
end up saying things which will create unconfirtable situations like this...

  Everything written below is written in my personal capacity and is not
necessarily representative of the views of any organisation or individual
to which I am associated.

 Dear Mr Ntege.

 You and I both know that you are wildly distorting what was actually said
in order to create this fiction.  Furthermore, you are making allegations
which, not only do you have any evidence for, but which are also patently
untrue.  I also point out that multiple members of the community stood on
the floor and disputed your allegations and stated very clearly that they
were in no way influenced in how they voted.

 This has now moved from beyond the realm of a joke, and squarely into the
realm of defamation by legal definition.  It amounts to both libel and
slander against myself, and also in fact against every member who voted for
myself, either via the issuance of a proxy or via direct vote..  As such, I
am now politely asking you to cease and desist with these baseless
allegations that are founded on lies and deception, and that you cease this
senseless vindictive campaign against me.

 This will be my last direct word on this matter, and my lawyers have been
instructed to deal with any further defamatory allegations by yourself or
others in this regard.

 Yours Sincerely

 Andrew Alston

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