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[rpd] Congratulations Abibu, Lucky - nda

Noah noah at
Tue Jun 16 21:34:14 UTC 2015

On 16 Jun 2015 22:37, "Walubengo J" <jwalu at> wrote:
> I have kept very quiet on this transparency, accountability and openness
themes that have been the hallmark of the Tunis meeting.  However, one
community member advised me that being silent can be misinterpreted as
being "guilty as charged". A lie repeated many times tends to pass as truth.
> So, as an outgoing Board member, I wish to state categorically that some
of us started the quest for transparency, accountability and openness as
soon as we joined the board six years ago.  We have tried to  walk the talk
of transparency, accountability and openness  consistently; one step at a
time and without trying to look "holier than thou" - by painting the whole
board as being compromised.
> Unfortunately, the insinuation that the board is and was compromised
seems to have continued into the online discussions and I find it necessary
to weigh in - given that silence may be misconstrued as being guilty as
charged. I do not believe that the board as a whole is involved in any
action that warrants secrecy or opaqueness.
> However, events surrounding the replacement of the former AfriNIC Chair
during the November 2015 Mauritius meeting seems to have caused immense
speculation and integrity issues on the whole Board that refuses to die -
despite the board having shared the minutes in question. Ex-board members
questioning the minutes only fuels community speculations and makes it look
like all board members are like the crumbling FIFA leadership.
> Perhaps in the spirit of transparency and accountability, ex-board
members should be encouraged to point out specific areas in the published
minutes, that they feel  misrepresents what transpired during the November
meeting.   Ofcourse  the minutes had to be edited- without losing the
substance of what transpired.
> That said, I wish to state that the Tunis meeting and agitation, like the
Arab spring, may in the long run turn out to be the beginning of the
AfriNIC spring. Community should strive to push for transparency,
accountability and openness. But more importantly, community must be ready
and willing to accept the outcome of this new momentum - rather than second
guess the majority of their elected board members.
> And yes, Congrats Eng. Abibu & Lucky. Welcome on board and I hope you
continue with the AfriNIC spring.

I almost mistook your email for a column/article in the mainstream media....


[1]  Walubengo/Paulos/Badru/Elkins/Others

1. Besides all the layer 9 that has been going on since Tunis...what value
did [1] bring to the board/Afrinic during your tenure as directors to the
board, now that your tenures did/have come to an end besides the ongoing
counter accusations and insinuations that are subtle...

@[1] above, Like Owen said...come clean if we are to address issues of

2. Has anyone read between the lines to noticed where AfriNIC's challenges
both financial and operational over the year stems from. [I see poor board
perfomance evident with the kind of directors we keep electing to the board
where rather than directors carrying out their fundamental mandate, their
energy is spent on other irrelevant issues such as individual conflicts]....

3. I wonder if this current system of electing/recycling pretty much the
same individuals to the board from different region is what is best for

The bylaws [15] clearly stipulates their duties but can we as a community
even measures for instance if [1] above did perform their duties whilst at
the helm of leadership considering the never ending  challanges both
Financial/Operational that AfriNIC still faces save for the hopes we have
that the New CEO will turn things around and as such needs a board that is
focused on executing its duties...

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