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[members-discuss] Re: [rpd] Privacy breach of nomcom2015's Mailing List

Dorothy K. Gordon director-general at
Fri Jun 12 13:08:20 UTC 2015

Well said.  In addition we must put in place the systems that ensure that any installation relating to AFRINIC work fulfills the benchmarked security and audit standards.  If there had been the requisite checks and balances in place the technical oversight would have been addressed in time to avoid this unfortunate chain of events.


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Subject: Re: [members-discuss] Re: [rpd] Privacy breach of nomcom2015's Mailing List

English : 

Much has been said about the incident relating to the list of the NomCom. 
It is important that the CEO take steps to restore confidence that the community has on the staff. 
What happened will dramatically affect the NomCom’s confidence on staff who has the duty to guarantee the confidentiality of its proceedings and deliberations while the community wants NomComs independent, neutral and calm, able to find and select good candidates who have good integrity and respect for regional and global Internet community. 

While we immensely appreciate the contribution of our observer friends, we would like to call on them to exercise reserve and neutrality in their engagement on our local issues. Their attitudes (throughout the meeting and building of a friends clubs) did not help us. When they speak the most on lists it can be a deterrent to local participation 

We expect neutrality from them and look forward to their honest opinions and suggestions based on known facts and real experiences 

it is my personal and honest observation with goodwill 

Best Regards 

Français : 

Beaucoup a été dit à propos de l'incident relatif à la liste du NomCom. 

Il est important que le PDG d'Afrinic prenne des mesures pour rétablir la confiance que la communauté a sur le personnel. 
Ce qui est arrivé va considérablement affecter la confiance que le NomCom a sur le personnel qui a le devoir de garantir la confidentialité de ses débats et délibérations.Tandisque la communauté veut un NomCom indépendant, neutre et calme, capable de trouver et de sélectionner de bons candidats qui ont une bonne intégrité et le respect de la communauté au niveau régionale et global . 

Bien que nous apprécions grandement la contribution de nos amis observateurs, nous tenons à leur rappeler de faire montre de réserve et de neutralité dans leur engagement sur nos enjeux locaux. Leurs attitudes (tout au long de la réunion avec la mise en place le renforcement d'un club d'amis) ne nous a pas aidé. Quand ils s'expriment en prenant partie sur les listes, cela peut avoir un effet dissuasif sur la participation des acteurs locaux dans les débats. 

Nous nous attendons à la neutralité de leur part et nous nous réjouissons de leurs opinions et suggestions honnêtes sur la base des faits connus et des expériences réelles. 

c'est de mon observation personnelle et honnête avec toute ma bonne volonté. 


2015-06-06 22:15 GMT+00:00 Alan Barrett < alan.barrett at > : 

On Sat, 06 Jun 2015, Noah wrote: 

This was unfortunate however, we as the community are anxiously waiting for an update on how far the investigation have gone seeing you indicated that you would task the CEO to launch an investigation into the circumstances the breach of privacy of the nomcom015 mailing-list. 

It's our hope that the investigation have been launched and some progress is being made towards pursuing the perpetrators. 

I know who made the configuration error. 

I know who found the configuration error and downloaded the archive and reported the error to the staff. I know which two Board members were sent copies of the archive. I know which second person verified the existence of the configuration error. None of this constitutes any sort of misconduct, although I would have preferred it is no copies had been sent to Board members. 

I do not know which copy of the archive has been privately circulated in the community, and I do not expect to discover that. 

I believe that I have done all the investigation required by the Board. 

--apb (Alan Barrett) 

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