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[rpd] AfriNIC RSA & policy improvement

Mwendwa Kivuva Kivuva at
Sat Jun 6 21:51:21 UTC 2015

My responce inline:
> Summary of proposal:
> This proposal is to improve service quality and transparency of
> AFRINIC's number resource service.
> Proposal:
> 1. AFRINIC Shall define a clear time-frame for approval and escalation
> whereby cases will be address to the management in a timely manner.
> (It would allow to rectify the endless loop or let's say “ping pong”

There cannot be timelines for "ping pong" because you must meet all
requirements before resources are issued.

> cases in a constructive way)
> 2. AFRINIC shall simplify the extra-small and small allocation process
> for companies entering the African continent. This can, for instance, be
> copied from LACNIC whereby a company can be allocated a /22 on a basis
> that it confirms its intention to start operations within 6 month of
> assignment.
> (Such treatment is certain to stimulate foreign companies' investment in
> Africa, a fact that I am certain is welcome in this room)
> 3. AFRINIC should publish standard documentary requirements for each
> type of request for resource allocation.

Just curious,  are there standard document requirements in other regions?

> (It is not enough to leave it up to the hostmaster's sole discretion to
> request ANY information as is the case now in accordance with the
> current RSA. This could allow the hostmasters to abuse the policy and
> potentially pressure applicants for “bakshish”)

What you are insinuating is staff request for "bakshish" when issuing
resources.  This is a serious statement that I've not seen in any other

> 4. AFRINIC should not store or request any marketing, business related

Should not store" means they can request.

> or basically non-technical information. For instance customer data,
> marketing channels, marketing budgets etc.
One one hand, you want Afrinic to state the standard documents needed for
application for resources,  but you have left the documents that cannot be
requested ad infinitum with "etc".

> 5. AFRINIC allocation should be solely based on current policy, no other
> factors other than policy should influence AFRINIC's decision on
> processing allocation.
> 6. AFRINIC shall carefully select the hostmasters and monitor their
> activities. In case of any suspicious activity the offender shall be
> immediately suspended.

How do you suggest Afrinic to implement this clause? What accountability
and audit requirements are needed?  Are there any policies currently on
audit of operations?

> 7. AFRINIC policy working group chair election should be conducted
> independent from AFRINIC board nomination committee. Candidates should
> be free of any requirements.

This point is an orphan in this document.

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> Vladimir Kangin
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