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[members-discuss] Re: [rpd] Re: Public concern about slate publication delay.

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at
Sat May 16 11:31:51 UTC 2015

On Thu, 14 May 2015, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> Hello board chair/nomcom chair
> Thanks for the information.
> I wonder whether this is just a timezone issue because your date 
> of receipt from nomcom does not seem to correlate with that of 
> the nomcom chair as nomcom indicated that they sent to AFRINIC 
> on the 10th. I am now assuming that the AFRINIC referred to by 
> Dr Barry is the board (please correct if otherwise). In view of 
> this and based on your information and that of noncom, I will 
> like to request the following:
> - That noncom clarify to us why/if the process delayed until 
> 11th as indicated by board.  - That board clarify to us what 
> they found in the initial nomcom report to determine it was not 
> sufficient enough and then cost us 2 more days of further delay.

I am not authorised to speak on behalf of the Board, and I am 
not a member of Nomcom, so I will not comment on communications 
between the Board and Nomcom.

I can comment on my own actions.  On Monday 11 May 2015, I asked 
the staff Nomcom liaison to ask Nomcom to delay publication of 
the slate until after the Board had completed one of the steps 
required by the bylaws.  The Board completed that step in the 
evening of Wednesday 13 May 2015, and the slate was published in 
the morning of Thursday 14 May.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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