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[rpd] Policy ID format

Adam Nelson adam at
Wed Oct 29 08:26:41 UTC 2014

> After much deliberation, we have come to agree on the following format for
> all future policy proposals (where YYYY is the year, NNN is an incremental
> number starting at 1 at the beginning of each year, and VVV is the version
> of the proposal):
> For example, the 2nd draft of the 3rd proposal of next year would be:
> af2015-3-v2
> If the above policy proposal were to be finalized, the version would then
> be dropped:
> af2015-3
> Thank you!  I have been asking for this for several years.
> Please also make the URLs reasonably short, like
> http[s]://<number>, possibly with a language code
> like "en" or "fr" between "" and "policy”.
> It would also be nice if the URL without a version number would retrieve
> the current version, but all prior versions were accessible by version, so,
> for example, if v4 was the most recent version of 2014-8, a URL of
> would get af2014-8-v4.
> I think that it is desirable to separate …/policy/<number> which should
> contain only adopted policies from …/policy/draft/<number> which should
> contain policies which are under development or history of policies which
> were adopted or abandoned. Obviously, each policy page should include a
> current state of the policy (Adopted/Abandoned/Under Discussion)
> I realize that the addition of a /draft/ level to the hierarchy is
> contrary to Alan’s request for short URLs, but I think it is a small amount
> of additional typing and that it is important to make it easy to
> distinguish drafts from policies.
This seems like a few requests:

1. Fix SSL ( is using outdated crypto - I noticed this
when I tried the https url given by Alan)
2. Move the site to HTTPS only (I threw this in but it's really the way it
should be - even for public resources)
3. Migrate{{ID_STRING}}
to{{ID_STRING}} (We'll have to see what can
be done here)
4. Handle{{ID_STRING}} where the policy is a
draft and return the latest version
5. Update to the new ID
6. Migrate the old IDs to the new IDs
7. Note in the old policies what the old ID was

Are there any more comments?  The first two items are out of the scope of
this request but I'll forward them to the secretariat so that they can be

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