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[rpd] AfriNIC policy AFPUB-2014-GEN-002-DRAFT-01 reject

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Wed Oct 22 12:00:25 UTC 2014

Hi Seun,

Let me expand on this slightly.

If you look at a large international organization serving multiple African countries.  They typically have offices that are off continent as well as on-continent.  Those off-shore offices still need IP space and are critical to the functioning of the organizations in question.  Then we have the issues of points of presence internationally, some of which can be pretty large, which include routers, switches, and potentially servers which are directly related to the functioning of the network on the African continent.

Then we start looking at satellite infrastructure, where an organization is providing satellite access to customers in Africa, the satellite base stations potentially sit in Europe, the space is handed out from Europe to clients on the ground (often dynamically), but it is routed via Europe because of the way Sattelite works.

There are simply too many possibilities and my view is that the policy as proposed doesn’t take these into account.  It also doesn’t address how we define in-region vs out-of-region usage.  The numbers in the policy with regards to the split between in-region and out-of-region are also unquantified, what lead to these numbers?  What is the reasoning and justification behind them?  Are they just arbitrary numbers we dreamt up to put numbers on paper to make people feel good?  Because if we’re going to put numbers like that, my view is, substantiate them, let us, as a community, understand where those numbers came from and what the basis is.

Again, written in my personal capacity and in no way representative of the AfriNIC board positions on the matter.



From: Seun Ojedeji [mailto:seun.ojedeji at]
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 2:43 PM
To: Andrew Alston
Cc: Borg; Victor; AfriNIC RPD MList.
Subject: Re: [rpd] AfriNIC policy AFPUB-2014-GEN-002-DRAFT-01 reject

Hi Andrew,

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 8:31 AM, Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at<mailto:Andrew.Alston at>> wrote:
(Before writing this, I need to state that what follows is NOT written in my capacity as an AfriNIC director nor should it be read as portraying the views of the AfriNIC board in any way shape or form)

Actually Borg,

I can concretely demonstrate that the availability of IPv4 addressing can have an impact on business investment.

Just to be clear, do you think this policy will deny availability of IP resource to organisations that intend to expand their growth in Africa? How will the example below be affected by this policy, if the $200million is indeed for growth/expansion within the region?
PS: An individual's layman question.
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