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[rpd] Re: [afnog] A typical case of abuse of our resources!!!

Sunday Folayan sfolayan at
Fri Sep 19 18:24:46 UTC 2014

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Mr Nadan,

Are we replaying the discussions on the rpd list exactly a year ago?

.. and many other mails for those who care.

AfriNIC cannot and should not discuss the details of specific
allocations on mailing lists, just because members are asking.

I think we should let AfriNIC run as an organization, reporting and
responding to the community as properly constituted using proper channels.

I hope we would move on to more productive things, instead of pulling
down our own RIR.


On 19/09/2014 18:20, Keshwarsingh Nadan wrote:
> Edit: That was in cote d'ivoire. Djibouti was another story.
> I still remember while on a phone call with Kofi, it was clear the
> entire African west coast wanted my skin.
>> -----Original Message----- From: Keshwarsingh Nadan Sent: 19
>> September 2014 21:15 To: 'Sunday Folayan'; Omo Oaiya; Kofi ANSA
>> AKUFO Cc: Andrew Alston; AfriNIC Discuss; AfriNIC Resource
>> Policy; afnog at Subject: RE: [rpd] Re: [afnog] A typical
>> case of abuse of our resources!!!
>> Dear Sunday,
>>> -----Original Message----- From: rpd-bounces at
>>> [mailto:rpd-bounces at] On
>> Behalf
>>> Of Sunday Folayan Sent: 19 September 2014 20:21 To: Omo Oaiya;
>>> Kofi ANSA AKUFO Cc: Andrew Alston; AfriNIC Discuss; AfriNIC
>>> Resource Policy; afnog at Subject: Re: [rpd] Re: [afnog]
>>> A typical case of abuse of our
> resources!!!
> Dear Koffi and Omo,
> I am not holding brief for any applicant or hostmaster, but if a
> request
>>> comes,
> that shows that an LIR can, and will allocate a /12, you want
> AfriNIC to allocate a /22? Is that the interpretation of 8.3?
>>> Definitely not. Despite that, some of us manage to get larger
>>> allocations and some aren't able.
> to wit:
> <BEGIN 8.3> AFRINIC shall apply a slow start mechanism to all new
> LIRs. With respect
>>> to
> allocations made by AFRINIC, the first allocation an LIR receives
> will
>> be
>>> the
> size of the minimum practical allocation described in Section 8.2
> (a)
>>> unless
> otherwise justified. The slow start policy is used by all RIR's to
> prevent allocations of
>> large
>>> blocks
> of address space that may then remain substantially unassigned.
> AFRINIC implements the slow start mechanism in a consistent and
> fair manner for every LIR, and will apply the same principles and
> standards to every
>>> applicant
> for address space. <END 8.3>
> What about the last clause ... "unless otherwise justified?". Are
> you
>>> saying
> that: o Applicant did not provide justification
>>> Never, your application would otherwise be rejected.
> o Applicant provided justification but was not ok with hostmasters
>>> Happens most of the time
> o Applicant provided justification and it was ok
>>> Depends on who provides the justification, who works on the
>>> request.
> o Applicant provided fraudulent justification o None of the above.
> Omo's email further gives nuances to some preferential actions,
> apart
>> from
> previous accusations of corruption. What exactly are we dealing
> with?
>>> Omo's right. Last year I was about to expose corruption cases
>>> regarding
>> IPv4
>>> allocations during the AOB at the AGM, I was threatened to be
>>> killed if
>> ever
>>> I would step into Djibouti.
>>> This year I'm playing home on my playground, we'll see who can
>>> stop me.
> Let me summarize Andrew's email again: When a Board begins to
> reach
>>> into
> operational matters not clearly in its charter or schedule, or not
>>> specifically
> assigned by policy, it is recipe for disaster.
> Sunday.
> On 19/09/2014 16:21, Omo Oaiya wrote:
>>>>> On 19 September 2014 14:51, Kofi ANSA AKUFO
>>>>> <kofi.ansa at> wrote:
>>>>>> Who approved such huge chunk /12 (over a million IPv4
>>>>>> addresses) in a first (initial) time request? What does
>>>>>> the current policies say about such requests? What was
>>>>>> the out come of the results of hostmasters evaluation?
>>>>>> Did hostmasters make any recommendation to management?
>>>>> This connects with the clarity I requested.   Policy seems
>>>>> to be quite clear to me in AFPUB-2005-v4-001 (8.2 -8.3) but
>>>>> others might have other interpretation.
>>>>> As much as we want different,  Universities and NRENs are
>>>>> being treated in line with policy.  Why was this allocation
>>>>> treated differently?  Are there any others getting
>>>>> preferential treatment that is not guided by "rule of
>>>>> law"?
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