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[AFRINIC-rpd] PDP discussions

JP froztbyte at
Mon Jun 24 08:48:55 UTC 2013

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 05:24:25AM +0200, Jackson Muthili wrote:
> You guy keep saying burning v4 space. why you want to burn Africa's v4
> space? What Africa has done to you? if you think burning v4 space take
> us quickly to v6 space why there is lucrative transfer market? I tell
> you when v4 is burned out you will see it was no good thing. Africa
> environment is unique from other. we take time to understand and
> deploy. While we do we need our v4 longer.

What you're saying here isn't consistent with my experiences in the
African operator space . As I see it, the problems are mostly due to a
lack of education in how to do things, and that's something that we (as
the knowledge-empowered community of operators, if you'll excuse the
fluff) can contribute to fixing.

> Burning v4 space create immediate huge problem. New ISP will find it
> expensive to buy IPV4 from trasnfer maket and broker and reality of
> course IPV6 not a solution. WE STILL NEED IPV4 short and MEDIUM TERM
> so that to also use IPv6! Cost of doing ISP business goes high. Cost
> is transfer to client and cost of internet connection goes high again.

This is only partially correct. There's no sense in doing new
deployments (where operator education is required, as is the case with
much of Africa) with only v4. v6 has happened. It's here. Deal with it.

> Let us take a slow steady transition not Africa haters Sunday and
> Andrew who want to ditch their people into hole and burn continents
> IPV4.

This was utterly uncalled for (and entirely incorrect).


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