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[AFRINIC-rpd] Re: Address Supporting Organization

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Sat Feb 23 09:34:14 UTC 2013

Hi Douglas,
At 22:44 22-02-2013, Douglas Onyango wrote:
>I will leave this to Fiona who is still combing the archives, but u
>recall the NRO issuing a statement together with ICANN on ITU (WCIT).

Yes.  By the way, the AfriNIC community was not informed about that statement.

I saw the following ( ):

   "To aid them in making their final selection, the ASO AC members requested
    public comments and statements of support for the candidates."

I gather that public comments were requested from AfriNIC members; 
public comments were not requested from the AfriNIC community.

 From the November 2012 minutes:

   "In the interest of accountability and transparency, the Chair asked the
    Secretariat to post meeting attendance for the year, including meetings
    held times when quorum was not reached."

Can that information be posted to this mailing list?

This is from September 2012:

   "[The Chair] He noted that two options had been discussed, one to change the
    level of quorum required and the other to add online voting as an option
    since it was proving difficult to meet the standard of representatives on
    the call to make changes."

This is from April 2012:

   "The Chair expressed his frustration that there are now frequent instances
    where the AC is not able to get a quorum and there are even instances where
    we lose quorum in the middle of a motion. This is making it very difficult
    to do work and results in a great deal of time wasted."

It seems like the Address Supporting Organization has a problem.

A recurring item in the minutes is the selection of individuals for 
the ICANN Board of Directors.  I did not see any mention of "ITU" in 
the minutes.

>That being said, the bigger question for me is: are there instances
>where the ICANN requested/expected advice from the ASO ? and how did
>the ASO respond. I think this is the real way to measure this.


S. Moonesamy 

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