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[AFRINIC-rpd] Re: Address Supporting Organization

Douglas Onyango ondouglas at
Sat Feb 23 06:44:27 UTC 2013

Hi SM,
On 23 February 2013 01:13,  <sm+afrinic at> wrote:
> There has been four global policies since 2001.  The above doesn't sound
> like a lot of work.

Quantification of work is something we can debate, however,  my focus
here has been to establish if the ASO's work is consistent with its
objectives --- the answer here is yes.

> Ok, you get to decide about whether the ITU should be recognized as a RIR.

No, we don't decide this. As one of the supporting organizations we
provide recommendations to the ICANN, not decide for it.

> What advice has been provided to the Board of ICANN since 2012?

I will leave this to Fiona who is still combing the archives, but u
recall the NRO issuing a statement together with ICANN on ITU (WCIT).

That being said, the bigger question for me is: are there instances
where the ICANN requested/expected advice from the ASO ? and how did
the ASO respond. I think this is the real way to measure this.

> Yes, that explains what was done during that meeting.  Anyone can come up
> with an impressive list of objectives.

Questioning the objectives is a debate for another time, for now I was
concentrating of if the ASO met the set objectives --- and I believe
it did.

>What are the issues which would have
> affected Africa and what decisions were taken?

Again, please remember the ASO's role is global -- not regional
(Africa, or otherwise)

>What I would like to find
> out is the results that have been achieved.

To measure an achievements, Goals & Objectives must be set. Now if you
look clearly at the 4 or 5 objectives you will see achievements. Can
the ASO improve ? offcourse, every organization can be improved. Is it
doing not serving its role ? It definitely is serving the role

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