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[AFRINIC-rpd] IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment proposal

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Wed Jan 23 11:02:45 UTC 2013

Hi Andrew,
At 01:29 23-01-2013, Andrew Alston wrote:
>Just another note:
>  8.5
>IPv4 addresses used solely for connecting an end user to an LIR (e.g.,
>point-to-point links) are considered as part of the LIR's infrastructure.
>These addresses should be registered as part of the LIR's infrastructure.
>I was thinking about this... please tell me how this works in a real world
>environment.  When I as an end user have multiple private network
>interconnects with other end users, how does this work?  I.E, if I
>interconnect with Google via a PNI, who's space is used?  If I have a direct
>interconnect with a bank, who's space is used? If I have a direct
>interconnect with a provider who is NOT an LIR...
>It doesn't make sense and it effectively makes PNI's a violation of this

Please consider my comment as excluding anything covered in 
AFPUB-2006-GEN-001 (End User).    I'll restate the issue as: one of 
the parties will have to provide the IP address space; who's IP 
address space is used is not as important as being clear about who 
will be providing the IP address space.

For the sake of clarity I prefer if this proposal does not affect the 
proposal written by Sunday Folayan and you.  I'll mention that I will 
not be the person doing an interpretation of the text if some future 
revision of this proposal is considered as acceptable.

S. Moonesamy 

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