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[AfriNIC-rpd] Policy Proposal: End user classification for Universities

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Thu Jun 28 20:14:55 UTC 2012

Hey Andrew,

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 8:37 PM, Andrew Alston <alston.networks at>wrote:

> I have to wonder here if this is actually the right debate now that I sit
> and think through it very carefully.
> As stated, we received a very clear email earlier before that policy was
> submitted stating that we had been classified as an LIR, including a ticket
> number, sent from hostmaster, and we reacted based on what we assumed was
> therefore official communication of position.  If this was NOT the
> position, I am EXTREMELY glad of that fact and I look forward to hearing
> what the actual position is so that we can continue this debate.
> As it has been stated by the Afrinic official its obvious that the
position which they MAY have sent to you earlier as you stated is not
currently final. Inview of this, as rightly stated by other respondent; it
is just best to wait for their final position before making any further
move. So call the former position V1.0 beta release and look forward to the
stable release :-)

> In the mean time, as stated at the start of this email, perhaps its time
> for us to start documenting the definition of an LIR.  And I would propose
> the following wording:
> LIR: An entity receiving resources from a regional internet registry and
> assigning such resources to other entities with a separate legal existence.
> For me i think this will be a good and logical definition to consider.
Picking from the definition provided by ARIN

> 2.4. Local Internet Registry (LIR)A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an
> IR that primarily assigns address space to the users of the network
> services that it provides. LIRs are generally Internet Service Providers
> (ISPs), whose customers are primarily end users and possibly other ISPs.
> ref:
Although i wonder why wikipedia which references the ARIN definition
defines it as

 A local Internet registry (LIR) is an organization that has been allocated
> a block of IP addresses by a regional Internet registry (RIR), and that
> assigns most parts of this block to its own customers.[1] Most LIRs are
> Internet service providers, enterprises, or *academic institutions*.
> Membership in an RIR is required to become an LIR.

perhaps  the academic institution mentioned here can be categorized as
those that i refereed to as Institutional RENs (i.e an institution
connecting other institutions with clearly different legal
formation/establishment). In any case wikipedia can always be updated :-)

This would clarify the issue immensely, since it means that departments and
> faculties within the same organization are considered as part of the main
> organization since they have no separate legal existence.
> Yeah i think so....and its just very straight forward analysis. Don't
think anyone will question that?

> If the community is prepared to adopt this definition, then perhaps any
> such policy as the one proposed would become unnecessary.
> hmmm....Andrew like i said please lets take one step at a time, Afrinic
will respond to your request accordingly. Although i think the proposal to
update/create a definition for LIR could be treated as a different
application entirely!

> Any thoughts on this?
> Done! with my 2 Cents worth.

> Andrew
> On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Guy Antony Halse <G.halse at>wrote:
>> Hi
>> On Thu 2012-06-28 (22:49), Arthur Carindal wrote:
>> > I advocate that you wait patiently until we finish working on your
>> request
>> > prior to debate on AFRINIC's position.  As per the process AFRNIC
>> supports
>> > all of its decisions with policy when responding officially to a
>> member's
>> > request.
>> I think that this is a sensible suggestion and a reasonable request.
>> However, this matter is of interest to a number of South African public
>> higher educational institutions (and quite likely those in other African
>> countries too).  Universities, by their very nature, tend to be comparably
>> large organisations and run very large networks.  They're also
>> considerably
>> different to traditional businesses, be they ISPs or otherwise, and their
>> governance structures vary widely from country to country.  Thus anything
>> that starts drawing a distinction between LIR and end-entity based on the
>> size of the requested address space or perceived structure of the academic
>> environment will be of interest and concern to most universities.
>> For this reason, can I ask that AfriNIC (or, failing that, the institution
>> concerned) make the final decision on this request, together with the
>> reasoning behind it, available.  (The request is already mostly public.)
>> Doing that would go a long way to establishing whether or not this debate
>> is
>> even necessary.
>> - Guy
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