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[AfriNIC-rpd] Policy Proposal: End user classification for Universities

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Thu Jun 28 17:37:06 UTC 2012

Hello Andrew,

> This policy attempts to address the problem that Universities at current
> are treated as LIRs because of their having multiple faculties,
> irrespective of the fact that IT is centrally managed at these institutions.
> This in effect disadvantages the Universities who are already under severe
> financial pressure by forcing them to pay LIR fees for IP space used only
> within their own institution.
> At current the only way for a University to avoid being classified as an
> LIR is to apply for a tiny block of address space for central IT, which is
> then forced to NAT the entire institution through that block.

I think i need a few clarification on this as while i was with University
of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN). We requested for allocation and i could remember
the words used when Afrinic finally approved (they said they will allocate
/16 prefix - Extra Large End-USer). We were referred to as Extra Large
End-user, in this case i would think that space is large enough and
normally should be classified as LIR. So if i may ask from what allocation
exactly does Afrinic starts classifying institutional block request as LIR?

>   This amounts to AfriNIC putting institutions in a position where they
> are forced to utilize NAT, which is to their disadvantage, if they do not
> wish to pay LIR fees.
With a /16 for a institution like UNN, i don't think NAT will be required.

[3.2] Where a university was connecting schools, or affiliated
institutions, the institution would still be classified as an LIR, and
assignment of PI space to such by a university would be prohibited

I think this part is not clear, why will assignment of PI space be
prohibited? A scenario; again UNN which is multi-campus, the /16 were
allocated was requested based on plan that it will be shared across the
campuses. Does that make us a LIR? I think we are still an End user. Maybe
the scenario you are painting is applicable with institution acting as
RENs. In view of this, Perhaps 3.2 can then be edited as thus:

[3.2(V1)] Where a institution "Acting as a REN" was connecting schools, or
affiliated institutions, the "REN acting institution" would still be
classified as an LIR, and assignment of PI space to such by a connecting
university would be prohibited

[3.3] Where a university had an autonomous faculty that was independent of
central IT, the faculty themselves would have to apply for membership and
PI space, or alternatively the university would have to apply for LIR

I don't think there is need for this, such faculty should ask for
allocation from the "IT department" space, the IT department is not acting
on his own, it is on behalf of the university and it is expected that when
they made request its justification was based on the faculties and general
campus users

[3.4] Under this policy, it is proposed that universities would, as part of
the application criteria for resources, have to acknowledge in writing that
they are not providing such resources to other autonomous entities.

This i think should be agreement signed by any other ISP if this is to be
implemented(jokes). But in the real sense does it matter whether the
university allocate part of her space to someone else or not?

Like the fact that i am seeing something about Institution though. Thanks

Best Regards

*Seun Ojedeji,
Federal University Oye-Ekiti
Mobile: +2348035233535
**alt email: <http://goog_1872880453>seun.ojedeji at*
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