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[AfriNIC-rpd] Policy Proposal: End user classification for Universities

Andrew Alston alston.networks at
Thu Jun 28 15:10:09 UTC 2012

> So under which part of the existing policy is this decision being made?
> If an LIR were to request the address space from Afrinc for a
> University would space be granted for their use?
> Yes, it would be, AfriNIC seems to acknowledge that the usage
justification is valid.

> Or is it that the University is applying directly to Afrinc for the
> space and being rejected?
> The University is being told that it qualifies for the space but it must
be an LIR.

Basically, at current the university has agreed to become an LIR because
there was no other option, the space is needed with critical urgency, the
university cannot roll out various services without it, so they have no
option but to declare themselves an LIR to get the space, which this policy
would rectify.

The result of declaring the university as an LIR is as follows:

A.) The university has to pay LIR recurring fees, which are not warranted
B.) Because of the LIR rules, where you have to say WHO space is assigned
to, the University will either have to declare the entire space assigned to
the IT department (single user, themselves, which is NOT an LIR), or,
effectively assign it to a "building", which is not a faculty, not a legal
entity, not an autonomous entity at all... how does this make sense?

But, because the university in question has no option, they have accepted
to become an LIR and the process is under way, as I said, we feel like a
gun has been held to our heads here.

At current we sit in a situation where there are other universities who are
shortly to apply for space, who I was having discussions within the last
few days as well, and they are waiting to see the outcome of this, because
they openly say, they simply do not have the funds, or the resources to
become LIR's, and they aren't LIR's since they don't onward assign, so why
should they become such?  There are institutions who would rather forgo the
space and be forced into NAT than pay these fees and live under these
conditions and that means that AfriNIC is effectively enforcing NAT on the
academic community because of this stance.

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