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[AfriNIC-rpd] NomCom at AFRINIC-16

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Tue May 22 17:31:17 UTC 2012


We are now beyond cheers or tears for winners and losers but are dealing 
with issues going forward.  Fortunately or unfortunately I was not in 
Gambia so I will never know what happened there.  The community deserves 
to know the accurate principles about its operating environment 
including proxies and all. What is coming out is some people are 
emotionally declaring the system of proxies as the enemy yet it is just 
an instrument which the community should manage. Lets understand what it 
is all about and decide how to control it in the future. If the system 
was abused then let us close the loopholes. This debate should no longer 
be construed be about siding for or against a particular group of 
candidates in the last election. Lets move on and debate issues 
objectively as Afrinic is greater than individuals.


On 22/05/2012 05:24 PM, Sunday Folayan wrote:
> Gift, Walu, Adiel, McTim and all,
> Thanks Adiel for the useful intervention and redirection. I am typing 
> with a big thumb on a small screen so ... torturous, I can only 
> summarize my thoughts.
> I will add and remind us that:
> 1. Elections are not perfect. The best may not win, but who best 
> appeals to sentiments.
> 2. People vote for those they can follow, not those with the brightest 
> credentials. We must respect this.
> 3. A strong rejection of one well-known candidate in the ballot may 
> benefit another, even if its a relatively unknown candidate.
> 4. We must always allow the majority their way, but give the minority 
> their say. Counting to the last member is desirable but unrealistic.
> 5. Members  must get as much info, and be left to decide according to 
> their conscience.
> 6. The fight was proxy, single-cross and double cross in gambia, but 
> with e-voting, it may be trust anchor, key size or internet bandwidth, 
> so ...
> 7. The community will keep refining its rules and processes, but those 
> who lose elections must always be gracious in conceding defeat.
> 8. There are zillion ways of serving the community. Let people explore 
> them.
> I think Gambia was historic in organization and rich in meetings and 
> trainings. Let us ack this and not glorify the layer 9 issues.
> Cheers.
> SF.
>> On 22 May 2012 14:40, "gift" <gift at 
>> <mailto:gift at>> wrote:
>> Hi McTim
>> Companies operate in terms of a Companies Act. In the case of Afrinic 
>> the Companies Act of Mauritius 2001. The act prescribes how companies 
>> operate as a minimum in many areas such as member relations, 
>> appointment of management and directors and the type nad conduct of 
>> company meetings. The proxies fall under procedure and conduct of 
>> meetings. It is a statutory requirement to hold an annual general 
>> meeting (face to face meeting).  It is mandatory to issue all 
>> members/shareholders with a notice for the AGM and in the notice 
>> members who are entitled to attend are advised of their option to 
>> appoint a proxy to attend and vote on their behalf if they so wish. 
>> The proxy form is also availed with details of the filing time table. 
>> So in essence as long as there is need to hold a face to face meeting 
>> (AGM) there is no way of doing away with proxies. I sense a general 
>> dislike for proxies but we cant just wish them away. I can bet you 
>> even in developed countries technology has not been able to knock out 
>> statutory meetings and what ever goes with them such as proxies. By 
>> the way proxies are just not to vote for elections but any other 
>> resolutions. In practice even if a member is present they can still 
>> appoint a proxy for voting purposes. At an AGM even non members 
>> (observers) are allowed to attend and not vote. It is very common to 
>> have syndicates of like minded members giving their proxies to one 
>> person or the Chairman even if they are present just to show 
>> solidarity and voting power.
>> Hope this helps.
>> GS
>> On 22/05/2012 02:09 PM, McTim wrote:
>> >
>> > Can you or anyone explain why an evote does not complete...
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