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[AfriNIC-rpd] Proposal: Out of region sales of IPv4 space

Graham Beneke graham at
Sat Feb 12 09:23:48 UTC 2011

I think this proposal has merits.

On 10/02/2011 22:32, Mark Elkins wrote:
> It would get AfriNIC faster into the Soft Landing Position - but by
> design - only when most others are already there. I don't see this as
> bad. We'll still have a lot slower burn rate with our soft landing
> proposal than the others.

This policy could effectively allow us to synchronise the triggering of 
our soft landing policy with those in the other regions.

As has been mentioned before:- there is no point in Africa having lots 
of spare IPv4 addresses once the other regions have migrated to IPv6. 
This looks likely at the moment.

> Could make some interesting financial contributions to AfriNIC! - would
> have to be both an inflated first year + membership plus normal yearly
> re-occurring charges (no "Once off" for life deals!)
> (Looking with business eyes - this would financially be a "Good Thing"
> for AfriNIC as a company - ie - to bolster its financial position - as
> long as there is no harm to the region). Build in some restrictions -
> nothing bigger than a /18?  Call it a life-belt. The revenue could help
> our region with more IPv6 education?
> Seriously, what would be more useful to African ISP's - a few more IPv4
> addresses or a few more IPv6 workshops (I can justify almost
> anything! :)
> Would have to be unopposed by other RIR's? and perhaps others such as
> the NRO and ICANN (They may not like it - but might grudgingly agree).
> I personally do have that feeling that we may be sitting around with
> unused IPv4 whilst the rest of the world has long finished dealing
> theirs out - this would most certainly remove that feeling. And handing
> a /8 (or less?) back to IANA would cause in-fighting about who then gets
> some of it.
> As I've said elsewhere - I've already been indirectly approached for
> IPv4 address space. I guess others will too - they may not say "No".
> Thinking about similarities to abortion laws - this could be a way of
> non-Africans getting space in a less bad way (ie - with a few less
> casualties)
> Anyway - I believe this is all academic....
> On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 12:39 +0200, Andrew Alston wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I would like to propose the following policy.
>> 1.0 Summary of the motivation behind this policy:
>> With IANA already developing policies for the transfer of space
>> between RIR’s and with the depletion of IPv4 space in other regions
>> approaching faster and faster every day, there is a high likelyhood
>> that the rest of the world will turn to the unused African allocations
>> for more IPv4 space.  With AfriNIC having enough space to last what
>> amounts to a couple of years, there is sufficient space to allow for
>> sale of a portion of this space outside of the African region.  This
>> will help prevent the situation where foreign entities are trying to
>> grab the space through illicit means, and regulate the distribution of
>> the space while providing some benefit back to the African community.
>>   This policy will also allow for further revenue streams into AfriNIC,
>> which can be used for the active promotion and development of IPv6.
>>   Further more, the policy will prevent a situation where we are
>> sitting with large blocks of unused IPv4 space long after such space
>> becomes useable, due to the rest of the world having migrated to IPv6.
>> 2.0 The proposal:
>> On the date of depletion of IPv4 resources within either the
>> RIPE/APNIC/LACNIC/ARIN regions, AfriNIC will make available space out
>> of a single unallocated /8 for sale to foreign entities.
>> 2.1  Such space will be sold at a premium price, currently for the
>> purposes of this proposal at LIR rate + 100% in order to allow for
>> growth in AfriNIC revenue streams
>> 2.2 The foreign entities applying for this space will have to meet all
>> standard AfriNIC space allocation requirements
>> 2.3 No more than one /8 out of the available AfriNIC space will be
>> made available for this purpose.
>> 3.0 Summary
>> While this policy may seem like a potential way to allow the rest of
>> the world to pillage the African resources, it can be argued that the
>> space will be used by foreign entities irrespective of the will of the
>> African community.  This policy merely allows the African community
>> to, in some small way, benefit from the resources we have available.
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