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[AfriNIC-rpd] 15-Day Last Call Period: IPv4 Softlanding Policy Proposal

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at
Fri Jun 25 22:27:02 UTC 2010

On Fri 6/25/2010 2:49 PM, Graham Beneke wrote:
> This policy apparently reached consensus during the face-to-face 
> meeting. I was unfortunately unable to attend and I still have a concern:

Sorry you couldn't make it.  It was a very good meeting overall, IMO.

> On 25/06/2010 20:16, Vincent Ngundi wrote:
>> a) The minimum allocation or assignment size for IPv4 will be a /24
>> block (256 addresses). The maximum alocation or assignment size will be
>> a /23 block (512 addresses). No LIR or End User will receive more than 4
>> allocations or assignments during the Exhaustion Phase.
> I have previously provided a set of calculations and proposed a 
> maximum allocation limit that may far more appropriate.

This was discussed at one point during the policy discussion in Kigali, 
FWIW.  Others may remember better than I do the specifics of that 
discussion, but...

> I would be interested to see the resource planning calculation that 
> allowed us to arrive at a limit of /23.
> Limiting allocations to such a tiny value makes applying for IPv4 
> space virtually pointless. We might as well reserve the whole /8 and 
> not just the last /12. It will have the same effect...

I don't think the entire /8 would be tied up and unusable.  As best I 
can tell, this policy, if implemented as written, will have the result 
of rationing medium and large ISPs from continuing to acquire new IPv4 
space for assignment to their customers after they've received four 
/23s, which in turn will encourage those ISPs' larger customers to go to 
AfriNIC directly to get space under end user policies.  This will result 
in more organizations interacting with AfriNIC directly, and less 
aggregation within the last /8 than would occur without this policy.

I have no comment at this point as to whether that is a better or worse 
overall outcome than other alternatives...


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