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[AfriNIC-rpd] abuse contact information in whois database (AFPUB-2010-GEN-002)

SM sm at
Thu Jun 17 08:37:40 UTC 2010

Hi Tobias,
At 17:48 16-06-10, Tobias Knecht wrote:
>Does that mean I won? ;-) Just kidding. :-)

Yes. :-)  But then I don't need to be convinced either way.

>No not so far, but does that mean that it is wrong? DNS is easy to use
>and was just an example for some easy to use service that should be
>offered by the RIRs. The approach of RIPE is pretty cool as well, but I
>think it is much more expensive than a dns query.

The fact that DNS is easy to use doesn't mean that it should be 
used.  Web services are used because they are convenient (port 80 
etc.) even though there is more latency and more overhead.

>In my opinion - no. DNS is scaleable, fast, much more robust than
>anything else and a software which uses the abuse contact information
>and is not able to do a DNS query is kind of funny.

The data would be in a DNS TXT RR which is for freeform text.  The 
approach is similar to what has been done for DNSxL.  And it will 
likely face the same opposition (not in this forum) if anyone want to 
standardize it.

>Exactly and I can not tell you how deeply I hate this best practice. But
>the good thing is, that the ISPs are not willed to block port 25,
>because they know that than the compromised systems will do other
>abusive stuff. They want to fix the problem by using the easiest

For some, yes.  For others, it is a matter of how many customers will complain.

At 17:55 16-06-10, Tobias Knecht wrote:
>If there will be "stupid" reporters out there sending their stuff to 6
>or 7 or 15 people block them. Easy way to get rid of that stuff.
>Activate a spamfilter for ARF Reports on your personal email addresses.
>Easy as well.

It is much more people than that.

>But we can help the good ones and that is what I would like to do.

The comments are not meant to discourage you from doing that.


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