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[AfriNIC-rpd] Proposal for Policy Development Process in the AfriNIC service region

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Mar 26 21:01:37 UTC 2010

> i think that it is time to move from the "implicit and sloppy trusted"
> mode to a "more structured" mode.

i think your characterization is a bit inaccurate and pejorative.  there
is a talent in organizational structuring, the balance of formal control
and structure with informality.  at the left extreme, we have classic
military organizations.  at the other extreme we have six hippies trying
to cooperatively build a fire.  

if you have too much structure for the scale of the organization, then
you can not get things done and sensible people leave the organization.
if you have too little, then pretty much the same.  i am not aware that
these warning signs are actually present, so i am not overly worried.

so, imiho, making things a bit more structured might be helpful, if we
do not get carried away.  but structure to meet the needs of the actual
folk doing productive work, not to meet the creative needs of layer nine
folk who like to create structure for structure's (and their own ego's)

> One more thing missing is the format of policy proposal presentation
> at meetings.

yes, regularizing this makes sense, as long as it does not overly
obscure the actual content of the proposal.


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