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[AfriNIC-rpd] Policy Proposal Summary - Cooperative Distribution of the End of the IANA IPv4 Free Pool

Tony Hain alh-ietf at
Thu May 15 21:25:52 UTC 2008

All of the RIR's are in denial, refusing to recognize their hypocrisy when
telling customers that IP addresses are not property, while at the same time
insisting that the last N /8's become the property of an RIR to the
exclusion of the rest of the world. Then arguing with each other about the
'appropriate size' for N while they are at it. 

The existing practice will come to an end the day the first RIR has to tell
a customer to go away because they have run out of space. The world will not
tolerate a resource being freely available in one place while in high demand
but unavailable elsewhere. There will be people circumventing the rules, and
the more restrictive the RIRs try to be, the more bizarre the impact will be
to the routing and registration systems. The only hope the smaller RIRs have
of dealing with the mess is to let the larger ones front the requests and
deal with the documentation. Denying that there will be a problem only
ensures that there will be no documentation of the fact that the address
space went where the demand was.

It should be noted that while ARIN and RIPE turned this down as worded, they
were both at least willing to understand the concept and talk about a way to
address it. I never expected this specific wording to be in any formal
proposals, it was there as an example to base a discussion on. Since there
was no discussion, this was the wording that all regions are looking at. At
the same time, it was not necessary that this be a global proposal, as any
that agree could participate without requiring all to do so.


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> Distribution of the End of the IANA IPv4 Free Pool
> Hi Cisco Phil,
> Thanks for this insight.
> > BTW, this was thrown out of the APNIC region when proposed there,
> > and given that all RIR regions would have to support it, it isn't
> > clear to me why it is even being proposed here.
> (a) Being a global policy, it was proposed at the same time in all
> RIR's.
> (b) For a policy to be rejected by members of the AfriNIC region, it
> must go through the approved policy development policy. Let's see
> what the community has to say.
> Regards,
> -Vincent
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