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[AfriNIC-rpd] Policy Proposal Summary - Cooperative Distribution of the End of the IANA IPv4 Free Pool

Philip Smith pfs at
Thu May 8 10:26:38 UTC 2008

McTim said the following on 8/5/08 03:44:
> Clearly, this proposal has downsides for our community.  If we accept
> this, then the last /8(s) given to AfriNIC by the IANA will be shared
> by the other RIRs with higher burn rates (not likely that other RIRs
> will be transferring address blocks to AfriNIC).
> On that, selfish, basis alone, I oppose this policy proposal.  In
> addition, the language isn't what I would expect to see in a global
> numbering policy, words like "petty sibling rivalry", "bickering" and
> "whimpering" don't show the numbering community in a dignified light.

I agree with you, McTim.

It also implies that the RIR system doesn't work, and that the only 
people who can distribute address space to LIRs is the IANA. That may 
not be the intention, but that's clearly the message. :-(

BTW, this was thrown out of the APNIC region when proposed there, and 
given that all RIR regions would have to support it, it isn't clear to 
me why it is even being proposed here.


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