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[AfriNIC-rpd] IPV6 Adoption

Colin Alston colin at
Thu Mar 27 09:41:46 UTC 2008

On 27/03/2008 08:46 Badru Ntege wrote:
> 1) Are you currently running IPv6 in either test or production mode

Yes. A /48 tunnel from Hurricane Electric, distributed from our head 
office - we aren't big enough to be a LIR, and no ISP's will give us 
native over DSL.

Am waiting on stable support from some bits of software which I'm 
hoping will arrive mid-year, primarily Squid.

ip6tables and iproute2-rules also still needs *lots* of work before 
it's production ready in my opinion.

> 2) Are you aware of any Network operators on the continent with either
> published or internal V6 plans

I know POSIX and Apolix (both Directors there have replied to this 
already) have been working at it for some time.

Verizon claims to have plans - but they have a prefix but have never 
announced or given solid details of their plans.

IS claims to have plans - they have a prefix and are announcing as of 
2008-03-20. I'm eager to find out what these are.

MTN-NS has not claimed to have plans, they have a prefix but have 
never announced.

Telkom can never "confirm or deny" anything (as usual ;)), but they do 
announce - I don't know if they resell native yet though in any way 
accessible to smaller players.

Neotel are not announcing their prefix - I find this most disturbing 
since they have built their network very recently, it should have been 
fairly easy to factor v6 in and run a dual stack immediately. They may 
or may not be doing this, however they do not make mention of anything

TENET have very published plans and have been the earliest adopter so 
far. They are strictly for tertiary upstream though.

> 3) Are you aware of any government supported initiatives around the V6
> adoption


> 5) Any suggestions on what we should be doing as a community ??

I think we're doing or have done what we should be doing. That is to 
support the right policies to get us closer to adoption, and to 
pressurise incumbent ISPs into seeing the business case for v6.

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"Usually the protocol is this: I appoint someone for a task,
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a bear if they don't want to do it." -- Glyph Lefkowitz

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