[DBWG] AFRINIC RPKI RRDP connectivity issues?

Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Mon May 29 15:23:36 UTC 2023

{email written long time ahead!}
Dear AfriNIC's DBWG,
Hope this email finds you in good health!
Please see my comment below, inline...


Le lundi 22 mai 2023, Michel Odou <michel.odou at afrinic.net> a écrit :

> Dear Job,
Hi Michel,
Thanks for this brief post-mortem report, brother!

It would be more appreciated if you could start to
 use this same approach of publishing meaningful,
 even selective, set of information...
...i mean:
Please use a meaningful informative approach here [1].
[1]: <https://status.afrinic.net>

It's perfectly  understandable that there might be  sensitive data to
protect, as AfriNIC is bound to the
Data Protection Act of Mauricius, and other internal
 corporate applicable rules; however you should
also take into account that: a well written lessons
learned, after issues like this one, could help the
AfriNIC's service region to concretely contribute to
BCOPs (Best Common Operational Practices) used
 and globally recognised.

...imho, AfriNIC is a reknown leading Org within its
service region and its contribution to global Internet
 (through an open collaborative approach) should
be more seen.

Please see few questions below...

> Please note that the RRDP service used to run on a server that was using
> default settings.
...i suppose, it's a good getting-started practice;
as i think it could prevent one to break something before mastering a new
integrated tool/service :-/

> Recently, we noticed a spike in the number of requests to the service and
> this has resulted in the server being overwhelmed

...legitimate ones? or DoS attempts?

> and unable to handle the load - which explains the slow download speed and
> connexion drops that you observed in the past few weeks.
...was your service sufficiently redondant? load well

> After proper monitoring, we worked on some optimizations to enhance the
> service and better manage the load.

Thanks! your solution worked well at first sight, as
 reported by Job at time.

Would you like to let us know which parameters you
changed to obtain that positive result?

> We will continue monitoring the server and do the necessary to avoid any
> performance hit.
...the issue appears to be tough enough and imho,
you need to work more collaboratively with your
active community. You can start by:

* a more effective proactivity, and
* a more transparent communication such as what
 you did above.
* ...



> Regards,
> Michel
> On 21/05/2023 17:05, Job Snijders via DBWG wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It seems the issue was resolved yesterday May 20th, 2023 around 07:55 UTC.
>> Was a change made? Can anyone clarify what happened? Thanks!
>> Kind regards,
>> Job
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