[Community-Discuss] AfriNIC Mailing CoC and Legal Suit Intimidations

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Fri Jun 24 05:43:30 UTC 2022

Hi Ronald

You raise very important points and I would like to now call on the
attension of AFRINIC management on this since the ammendments to the Code
of Conduct are endorsed by we the community time after time through public

We can therefore add your suggestions to the current AFRINIC code of

I have faced such first hand attempts of intimidation myself and continue
to face the same especially from Lu Heng and his stooges and yes-men but I
am never bothered by it because our participation and opinions are based on
objective facts or what you would call in legal terms *fair comments*.

There have been occassional accusations of xenophobia, tribalism and racism
on this lists as well by those who enjoy intimidating other participants.

So something has to be done unless AFRINIC and whoever is responsible are
happy with the current lack of community participation in the wake of all
defamation accusation based intimidation.

The Irony is that AFRINIC the organization and its members continue to face
countless intimidations through courts considering the ammount of interim
injuctions and ex-parte applications.

And since most folk have a natural phonia for courts or legal proceedings,
they end up in total silence. Courts are important institutions and we
ought to embrace them but let no one threaten or intimidate anyone with
suits as long us you got your facts and most importantly believe in
freedoms of expressions and participation in public forum discourse.


On Fri, 24 Jun 2022, 06:37 Ronald F. Guilmette, <rfg at tristatelogic.com>

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> Noah <noah at neo.co.tz> wrote:
> >This forum is for public discourse and not intimidation.
> Apparently not always.
> Regards,
> rfg
> P.S.  I hope that someone who is more familiar with AFRINIC formalities and
> procedures will help me here.  I wish to make a formal proposal to amend
> the AFRINIC Code Of Conduct, but I have no idea how to go about that, so
> I need help.
> Specifically, after having reviewed the Code Of Conduct that is online on
> the AFRINIC web site just now, I see that it fails to specifically and
> explicitly prohibit the making of threats of either (a) bodily harm or
> (b) legal action, either against any individual and/or against the
> membership or community as a whole.
> The latter is something that we have all just now witnessed on this very
> mailing list.  This is disgusting in the extreme, and is a clear and
> unambiguous attempt to bully the entire community into silence via threats
> of legal action.
> Subject to the rules of various applicable African jurisdictions, anyone
> is free to sue anyone else, at any time, and for any cause for which they
> feel that they have a reasonable cause of action.  And anyone can do that,
> at any time, *without* announcing their intentions on an AFRINIC mailing
> list.  It is however highly and clearly inappropriate to post about such
> legal actions, or to even make legal threats on any AFRINIC mailing list,
> because any such legal actions, if they are ever brought at all, are
> clearly private matters between the parties and their attorneys... private
> matters which clearly do not involve the AFRINIC community as a whole.
> It is my opinion that the current AFRINIC Code of Conduct does *not*
> clearly
> and unambiguously state that threats of either bodily harm or legal action
> are violations of the Code of Conduct, and as a general principal I *do
> not*
> feel that there should now be any enforcement of the Code of Conduct
> against
> any behavior which is not already specifically and clearly prohibited by
> the
> current Code of Conduct.  (That, I think, would be unfair and a violation
> of
> due process.)  On that basis, I *do not* personally judge that
> <tech at cloudinnovation.org> has comitted a violation of the current Code of
> conduct, as currently written, but I would urge the greatest possible haste
> in amending the CoC so as to make such threats, and indeed any and all
> threats
> a clear and specific violation of the CoC.
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