[Community-Discuss] Interim order of June 14th 2022

Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 11:28:52 UTC 2022

Dear AfriNIC's Community,

Please find my comments inline...

Le lundi 20 juin 2022, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> a écrit :

> To be very clear here, IMHO, AFRINIC and the AFRINIC membership and
> community are not the adversaries in the law suit.
Hi Owen,
Thanks for your email, brother.

...maybe you need to read the NRO's message [1]
twice. Then allow me, please, to paste a slice of it.

"The current challenges affecting AFRINIC are
of great concern to us. We urge the AFRINIC
membership and the wider community in Africa,
including civil society and governments, to work
together to support their RIR at a time when it
needs assistance and guidance in the form of
constructive input. The excessive number of court
cases against AFRINIC are of particular concern to
other RIRs because they represent a threat to
AFRINIC’s autonomy and its community. These
challenges are designed, we believe, to cause
serious damage to both."

> As far as I am concerned, the AFRINIC board and management are the
> adversaries and they are so _BECAUSE_ they are acting contrary to the
> bylaws and against the interests of the membership and community.

...may i need to recall you that some of the
individual contributors of our RIR's community
have been also sued; in an machiavelous attempt
to send a resounding message to the other members of our Community;
incliding the RMs.

Wait! the time is near to come when at least a
considerable part of the ~2046 AfriNIC's RMs
would understand the need to join their efforts
to fight against their common known, or unknown,

This example of joining efforts and intents in one
 common initiative, from the other five RIRs, is
worth being reproduce, less passively, within this
RIR's service region...

...i, hereby, call all the LIR to do their part in providing a resounding
common reaction to
follow the well appreciated message [2] sent
by the NRO.

"To the AFRINIC community, we wish to say,
AFRINIC is your RIR. Its challenges are your
challenges, and its successes are your successes.
We urge you to come together to help steer
AFRINIC in a positive direction and to build on the
contributions that you have all made to the
development of the Internet on your continent."

Many thanks to John, Paul, Oscar, Hans & Eddy!

Keep fighting to defend the INRS (RFC7020)!


> Owen
> On Jun 19, 2022, at 15:14 , Sylvain Baya <abscoco at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> [...]


Best Regards !
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