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Wed Jun 8 20:50:45 UTC 2022

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Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

>I do not know to what extent NRS is driven by Lu or not. I do know that he
>was involved in its creation and I told him at the time that I wanted nothing
>to do with it because I did not think that the intended mission was a good idea

In my opinion, and based on at least some evidence, it is altogether self-
evident that NRS is yet another entity created by Lu Heng to serve his
evident interests.

He's on this mailing list.  If he wants to deny that, then let him come here
and do that.

I do not believe that NRS sprung, like the goddess Athena, magically from
the brow of Zeus.  It required funding and organization and also the
motivation to provide both.  Its goals would certainly appear to be 100%
in alignment with Lu Heng's goals and (financial) motivations.  The timing
of its creation (the domain name nrs.help was registered on 2021-08-06)
and its alleged physical location (Hong Kong) also provide some rather
obvious clues.

Owen, it is easy enough for you to claim some ignorance or innocence with
regards to the unambiguously underhanded tactics of the people behind NRS,
but you will have trouble convincing me me that you aren't earning your
daily bread by working for these exact same unethical people, even if
you may only be doing so under a different one of the several corporate
names that Lu Heng has registered for his expansive operations.

If a mere multiplicity of corporate facades is enough of a basis to assuage
your conscience, then all I can say is that you have a rather more pliant
sense of ethics than I.


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