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>>>> Again, I don't know the details, but this is what I surmise from
>>>> the video and from other comments I've seen on the lists. I had
>>>> no involvement with or knowledge of any such scheme, and consider such a
>>>> scheme extremely unethical and immoral even if it is perfectly legal.
>>> But in your view, these activities and the company that undertook them
>>> are not -sufficiently- unethical and immoral to prevent you from cashing
>>> any more checks from that company, yes?
>> I have no affiliation with NRS and have not taken any money from them,
>> so your insinuation is out of line here.
> This is a quite slippery response Owen, since it is, I believe, altogether
> clear and apparent that the same single party is the driving force and the
> person who ultimately signs the checks for both Cloud Innovation and NRS,
> as well as Larus, the Larus Foundation, and perhaps also an as-yet-to-be-
> determined collection of additional entities.

I do not know to what extent NRS is driven by Lu or not. I do know that he
was involved in its creation and I told him at the time that I wanted nothing
to do with it because I did not think that the intended mission was a good idea
and NRS has done nothing to make me think any better of it since that time.

In business, we all end up working with/for people who do things we don’t like.

I don’t work for or have anything to do with NRS and I don’t work for defense
contractors and the like.

> Are you asserting that this is NOT the case?

I honestly don’t know. I share the same suspicions you state above, but
I really literally do not know. I will refer you to one of your own statements
to me about distinguishing between idle gossip and proof.


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