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Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

>I do not know to what extent NRS is driven by Lu or not. I do know that he
>was involved in its creation and I told him at the time that I wanted nothing
>to do with it because I did not think that the intended mission was a good idea

Owen, even though you are steadfastly claiming that you have no direct
involvement with NRS, as I have previously noted, and as you yourself
confirmed, Lu Heng was, at the very least, involved in its creation.

I wonder then if you would be so kind as to reach out and see if you can
find out, on behalf of us all, the identity of the freckled Irishman who
plays the starring role in most or all of the NRS YouTube propaganda videos.
I, for one, would be very interested to know just who the hell he is.  Except
for the fact that he still has both ears he is a dead ringer for the long
deceased painter Vincent van Gogh and I can't help wondering if there is
some relation (although van Gogh had no children, as far as I know).

I really would like to know who that guy is, but it does seem that he makes
no effort whatsoever, in any of his numerous over-the-top defamatory
propaganda videos, to even introduce himself, much less the author(s) of
the script(s) he is reading from.

Why is that?  Is he perhaps so ashamed of what he's doing that even as a
hired actor he doesn't want his own name associated with any of this rubbish?

I must remark also on the marvelously ironic humor of watching this particular
and exceptionally white guy preaching his bought & paid for gospel of how to
save the African Internet.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have, I confess, seen the sun directly
only much lss often than I used to.  And thus, being caucasian as I am, these
days I am even more pale than usual.  But this freckled Irishman in the NRS
videos makes even me look like Meghan Markle by way of comparison.  And this
particular fellow wants to lecture Africans on how best to run the African
portion of the Internet???

Forgive me.  It is not my intent to bring race into this.  Not by any means.
It is just that I am more than a little troubled by the fact that this fellow,
who is the only voice and only star in all of the NRS videos, looks and sounds
about as African as your typical Eskimo.  So I kind-of would like to know who
he is and where he is speaking from.  I'd also like to be able to ask him
directly if he has ever even set foot in Africa.

It's OK if he hasn't of course.  He has a right to his opinions just as you
or I have.  But if one is going to verbosely and vividly proselytize on the
topic of what is best or Africa, then I think that one should at least state
one's name and the reasons for such a personal interest.  This guy hasn't,
and thus he remains a mystery man... a total enigma.

Owen, can you find out who he is and let as all know?  An email address or
phone number would be helpful also.  Thanks in advance.


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