[Community-Discuss] Board minutes discrepancies...

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sun Feb 13 03:50:53 UTC 2022

I note with interest in reviewing the board minutes from 24 November, 2021, the following items:

2.1.2 dated 8 November 2021
Resolution 202111.656

The board approved the minutes of the Board Meeting held on 8 November 2021.
Proposed BE. Seconded HY. Resolution passed unanimously.

While there are, indeed, minutes from that date, they are not minutes of a Board Meeting, but rather minutes of
a discussion wherein those present determined that the meeting had not met the requirements in order to hold
a board meeting and the discussion was then disbanded. No Board Meeting took place because no Board Meeting
was properly noticed and some Board Members did not make a timely response waiving notice.

As such, I believe the motion was improper and that the board should make a correction here.


On the other hand, there’s also:
2.1.3 dated 13 November 2021
Resolution 202111.657

The board approved the minutes of the Board Meeting held on 13 November 2021.
Proposed HY. Seconded BE. Resolution passed unanimously.

The web site where the other minutes are visible (including the ones from which I obtained
the above fragments) is here: https://afrinic.net/board/meeting/2021

It does not contain minutes for a meeting held on 13 November 2021. Only 8 November 2021
and 24 November 2021 have minutes on that page.

Could staff, the board, or whoever is responsible during the current phase of the moon please
provide the minutes of 13 November 2021 to the community?



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