[Community-Discuss] Lu Heng + Larus and the Number Resource Society

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Sep 23 19:03:31 UTC 2021

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>> I am calling you out specifically so that perhaps you as the patron of

>> Larus which is affiliated with the Number Resource Society can address

>> the motive behind this calls and emails that are being sent to various

>> AFRINIC resource members scaring them that AFRINIC is closing down and

>> they must join the so called Number Resource Society.


> Owen wrote:


>> Speaking of misinformation, I don't think this is an accurate portrayal

>> of what is being said by the NRS.



> Owen, take some free advice. Stop saying stupid stuff. You don't have

> a lot of credibility left to lose, but its just a waste of bandwidth to

> say stuff that can so easily be disproven. The following was already

> posted here as being part of a message sent by a Larus minion:



>> � What will happen if AFRINIC loses the lawsuit and finds itself 50 million USD in debt?

That’s a valid question and not misinformation.

>> � Will the African internet be disrupted?

Another valid question and not misinformation.

>> � Who will take care of the sustainability of the current operation of the African Internet Registry?

Another valid question and not misinformation.

>> � How can the resource members save their operations by transferring their resources elsewhere?

This is a valid question. You can call it FUD if you want, but it’s a legitimate question under the current circumstances.
Calling it misinformation is, in fact, misinformation. Calling it FUD may have some legitimacy, but FUD is a relatively
common practice throughout modern society,

So… You claim my statement can easily be disproven, yet you do not disprove it (or even come close).

The NRS document isn’t what I would have written and I think it’s a very poorly designed campaign and utterly counter-productive
to the goals of the NRS.

However, it doesn’t contain anything I can point to and call misinformation. It doesn’t claim that AFRINIC is closing down.

It asks questions. Yes, the questions can be scary, but each and every question asked is a very real possible outcome of the
current litigation AFRINIC has brought upon itself by making false allegations of contractual breaches and purporting policies
and bylaws to contain requirements that are not present in the documents cited.

> That's a blatant and obvious attempt to scare people, and to spread FUD.

It’s a set of perfectly legitimate questions and an offer of membership in an organization intent on resisting the problems
created by the current AFRINIC leadership through a variety of means. Not significantly different from the recruiting tactics
of any political party in America (I don’t know how political parties recruit in Africa, so I can’t comment meaningfully on
the similarity or difference there).


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