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> > Owen, take some free advice. Stop saying stupid stuff. You don't have

> > a lot of credibility left to lose, but its just a waste of bandwidth to

> > say stuff that can so easily be disproven. The following was already

> > posted here as being part of a message sent by a Larus minion:

> >

> >

> >> � What will happen if AFRINIC loses the lawsuit and finds itself 50

> million USD in debt?


> That’s a valid question and not misinformation.


> >> � Will the African internet be disrupted?


> Another valid question and not misinformation.


> >> � Who will take care of the sustainability of the current operation of

> the African Internet Registry?


> Another valid question and not misinformation.


> >> � How can the resource members save their operations by transferring

> their resources elsewhere?



The questions from NRS are tactical and intended to spew doubt and
uncertainty among a handful of AFRINIC resource members who are
unfortunately ignorant about matters AFRINIC.

Why does Lu Heng who is suing care of AFRINIC looses in court. I thought
that is exactly what Lu Heng wants. So why does he care?

Why does Lu Heng care if the Africa Internet gets disrupted. Who went to
court first? Anyway, Last I checked, Lu Heng customers are not in Africa
since public data shows a handful of them are mostly in China and USA.

So this is classic Lu Heng. He will use CIL, Larus Ltd, Larus Foundation
and his Number Resource Society aka NRS tactically to advance whatever new
false narrative he wishes to spread inline with his deeply rooted beliefs
that RIR are just book keepers. He confuses Larus Ltd which is the book
keeper for an RIR.

You see, Lu does not care about any of the AFRINIC resource members he is
currently targeting in his new subtle campaign of attempting to recruit a
couple of AFRINIC resource members to his hongkong based NRS to his own

All those questions are intended for a purpose. To cast doubt among some
resource members who do not actually have a clue what is going on. The ones
who pay membership fees each year and are not necessary involved with
AFRINIC matters perhaps due to limited outreach by the administration at
AFRINIC to its own members.

Those message are misinformation crafted by desperate Lu Heng. You see if
there is something he know best, is his attempts to abuse existing
processes. ARIN CEO, did confirm this to be true when Lu went to ARIN
asking for IPv4 and they rejected his applications until he came to AFRINIC
service region where unfortunately, he managed to game the system.

The Larus foundation for a couple of years literary rendered the AFRINIC
PDP hopeless with its so called Fellows (mostly university students) who
were literary paid up mercenaries after all those stipends where not for
free. We know most of the actors.

I mean, Cloud Innovation Ltd is literary abusing the mauritian legal
system. Who the heck goes to court with 12 cases, I mean 12 law suits
against an single member-baded not-for profit entity. Good for Appleby
though, suits are not served freely.


Now you have this so called Number Resource Society nrs.help attempting to
recruit AFRINIC resource members to the Lu Heng train. This is about Lu
defending his personal interest as a typical dishonest individual he has
been since 2014 when he lied that he would be investing in AFRICA and use
the millions of IPs in AFRICA. I despise liars especially those who take
the rest of Africa for fools.

While most AFRINIC resource members may not realise it, but its we resource
members who are being sued.

Who is AFRINIC? Or What is AFRINIC? Is it the staff employed by AFRINIC ?
Is it the registered directors? or is it the over 1800 resource members
serving the wider African Internet community?

In one of the suits, Lu Heng wants a purported 1.8 billion and some 50
Million from AFRINIC? He basically wants our hard earned money which we
have contributed for over 20 years through annual membership fees that this
guy wants to rip us off.

How much has Lu Heng contributed to AFRINIC since the dude showed up in

What has he done for our region that any soul can admire him for beyond his
fake PR stunts in terms of sponsorships which he calls investment.

Resource members and the community needs to be woke and not fall into his
The Number Resource Society is fake Lu Heng Project. Dont fall for it.

The community and PDWG should stay woke as well. The Larus Foundation is
another Fake Lu Heng Project. Dont fall for it and its so called

LARUS Ltd will continue to send you email promising to sell you IPv4 or
lease your IPv4 while promising you wealth. Its another Lu Heng Project.
Dont fall for it.

To those who need some IPv4, AFRINIC still has IPv4 thought limited, reach
out to them instead. Plan also your IPv6 deployments. Talk to your LIR as
well and be alert when emails are sent to you promising you IPv4 and

I am calling out Lu Heng as an internet community member and a resource
member. So unless you are Lu Heng, please stay out of this.

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