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> And given what we now know... largely due to my work... about all of the

> funny business that occurred at AFRINIC between, say, 2010 and February,

> 2015... the same time period when much or all of "The Great AFRINIC Heist"

> happened... AND given the absolute and complete lack of public information

> about how Cloud Innovation's allocations came to be in the first place,

> I, for one, remain deeply curious about everything related to how those

> allocations came to be made, back in 2013 and 2014.


> Oui en effet on se rappelle bien de cette période où le Board entrait dans le Mico-management d'Afrinic, et jouait quasiment le Rôle du CEO, sans que ce dernier ne réclame son droit, car ce sont eux qui l'ont recruté face à un Candidat hors du commun, respect de la communauté Internet mondiale. Il avait donc peut-être peur pour son poste.

The CEO at the time that our addresses were issued was none other than Adiel Akplogan, so it’s not really clear to me who you think you are targeting here, as I thought he was in place since the beginning of AFRINIC. What early better candidate do you believe was passed up in hiring Adiel?

> The only scrap of information that has, so far, been made pubic about that

> decision process is that the decision(s) to grant Cloud Innovation two

> /11 blocks and two /12 blocks were NOT made by the Board at the time,

> but rather by "staff". (Well, anyway, there were some public mailing

> list messages to that effect at the time.)


> Je n'en suis pas sûr, même si le CEO de cette période, se laissait suppléanter par le Board. Je pari que le Board a fait valoir son veto pour que cette requête passe, avec la complicité de certains membres du staff, qu'on voyait en ce temps là participer à des dîners organisés par CI. Ils se connaissent et ont intérêt à ce que les intérêts d'Afrinic soient bien préservés actuellement, sinon on va les dénoncer ici pour que tout le monde sache qui ils sont et ce qu'ils ont fait à notre Afrique (notre chez nous).

As near as I can parse this, you are ranting about certain board members attending dinners hosted by Cloud Innovation as if a mere dinner would sway someone’s vote against their fiduciary responsibility.
You appear to be making unfounded charges of corruption without providing any evidence which amounts to an ad hominem attack in violation of the CoC.

Beyond that, I’m not able to parse anything relevant in your screed, so I will not bother to respond beyond that point.


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