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>> Dear Chair,


>> Would you care to share with the community where this alternative source of funding is coming from? Are these funds coming from other AFRINIC reserves?



> If I'm not mistaken, you have been associated with Cloud Innovation which is behind this nth court case to be heard and from which we are confident that the laws shall be applied and everyone will have to bear the consequences of the actions

Wait, let me get this quote straight… Your concern is that “everyone will bear the consequences of the laws being applied”?

Does this mean that you recognize that AFRINIC has been violating the law and you are upset that Cloud Innovation availed themselves of the right to legal remediation of its abuses?

If so, then I think you have misplaced your anger, sir.

To the best of my knowledge, Paul Wollner is not employed by Cloud Innovation. I believe that Cloud Innovation and/or Larus might be customers of Paul’s organization, but they are also customers of AFRINIC. Does that mean that you would say that Lu Heng is associated with AFRINIC?

Exactly what kind of guilt-by-association game are you trying to play here?

Your accusation does not pass the basic smell test. To quote Shakespeare, “Me thinks something is rotten…"

> Are you now Interested in how the organization manages its risks to continue serving members including cloud innovation as your resources are still be managed ?

I would think that anyone with resources in AFRINIC would be concerned about how the board is managing the situation. I would think that anyone with half a brain would want greater transparency from the board on this subject. Are you saying that you want this information kept secret from the members and the community? If so, for what reasons?


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