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Leo S leoso at afcast.com
Sun Jul 25 14:32:04 UTC 2021

About Cloud Innovation Ltd I want to talk about their business model.

They got 7 Million IPv4 addresses from AFRINIC at a price of $10,000 USD
per year, and then leased them to ISPs or end users at a price of ~2
USD/year/IPv4 (large block in 2018 if Small block may be more expensive
maybe $3 USD) and with an annual increase of 15% fee from the price

So the cost is $10,000 USD

Revenue is 7M x 2 = 14 Million

so it’s 150000% profit

Part of the cost is spent on RIR community activities and seeking support
from members, and money will be used to defeat those who oppose it.

Are there any people in the world who don't love money? Those who accept
their money will support them in the community. and questioned any action
of discussion that would be detrimental to them.

Of course, this is Lu Heng.

He also plundered tens of thousands of IP addresses from RIPE and A few
years later sold to vodafone and earned millions of dollars. He is smart
and knows who should pay the money to.

To rent an IP address from Cloud Innovation Ltd, you do not need to use
their network services and circuits. Exactly they don't provide network
service. and I think 90% of IP addresses are used in North America and Asia

I don't know much about AFRINIC's policy. But in ARIN you must have a
circuit or network service then you can rent an IP address from the

The AFRINIC internal audit action may be detrimental to Cloud Innovation
Ltd, so they started some network services in South Africa last year as
Africa on cloud. but it's a small network. I think the revenue from these
services may account for less than 10% of their revenue. so 90% of their
revenue still from IPv4 address leasing business

It can be seen from their income that they have enough money to support the
lawsuit against AFRINIC. And spend money in the community to fight for
their address not to be revoked.

very sad AFRINIC is too poor

By the way, I was also their customer before
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