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Mon Jul 26 03:26:31 UTC 2021


This is information of whatever anyone might choose to call it from Leo, shades no light to present discussion at hand.
To me, this is a clear defamation and personal attack to this "Lu Heng” guy.
This is a clear violation of the Code of Conduct and there should be no question whether this is a personal attack or not.


> On Jul 26, 2021, at 11:04, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com> wrote:


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>> *He also plundered tens of thousands of IP addresses from RIPE and A few

>> years later sold to vodafone and earned millions of dollars. He is smart

>> and knows who should pay the money to.


>>> Leo's statement here hints that this guy called Lu Heng has engaged in

>> some sort of bribing. How is this not personal attack defamation?


> I am forced to agree that Leo's second sentence, as quoted above, contitutes

> "casting aspersions" and in the absence of hard supporting evidence it was

> inappropriate, uncalled for, and contributed only heat and no light to

> the present discussion.


> I made the exact same sort of mistake myself, right here on this mailing

> list, back in 2016, and later publicly apologized for that. Perhaps that

> explains why I am less inclined that others to make a huge issue out of

> such utterances when they are made in the heat of the moment and without

> adequate thought.


> I think that it should be sufficient to politely ask Leo to retract that

> one sentence, to apologize, and then let it go at that. We already have

> more than enough wars to fight, tribal and otherwise, and we shouldn't be

> looking for reasons to start up new ones just based on this or that

> ill-considered statement that may be made by any of us during those times

> when our passions override our reason.



> Regards,

> rfg



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