[Community-Discuss] Share About Cloud Innovation Ltd and their business

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Mon Jul 26 02:04:11 UTC 2021

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Wijdane Goubi <goubi.wijdane at gmail.com> wrote:

>*He also plundered tens of thousands of IP addresses from RIPE and A few

>years later sold to vodafone and earned millions of dollars. He is smart

>and knows who should pay the money to.


>>Leo's statement here hints that this guy called Lu Heng has engaged in

>some sort of bribing. How is this not personal attack defamation?

I am forced to agree that Leo's second sentence, as quoted above, contitutes
"casting aspersions" and in the absence of hard supporting evidence it was
inappropriate, uncalled for, and contributed only heat and no light to
the present discussion.

I made the exact same sort of mistake myself, right here on this mailing
list, back in 2016, and later publicly apologized for that. Perhaps that
explains why I am less inclined that others to make a huge issue out of
such utterances when they are made in the heat of the moment and without
adequate thought.

I think that it should be sufficient to politely ask Leo to retract that
one sentence, to apologize, and then let it go at that. We already have
more than enough wars to fight, tribal and otherwise, and we shouldn't be
looking for reasons to start up new ones just based on this or that
ill-considered statement that may be made by any of us during those times
when our passions override our reason.


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