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Can you please share with the community how much Cloud Innovation Ltd is paying you each month in your retainer ?

You are doing a very good job! you should request a raise.

You don't need to make an effort so much, we all believe that your employer (which is an IPv4 leasing company) received for "free" and in honest way two /11's and two /12's, all from AfriNIC pool that belong to the AfriNIC community.

And because your employer received it all in honest way, AfriNIC didn't take a single resource that was allocated to your employer (What does your employer knows? What do you know?). Not a single word in AfriNIC report regarding Cloud Innovation Ltd, it looks very strange, especially when all the resources in AfriNIC report are a fraction comparing to the endless number of non-legacy resources that were allocated by AfriNIC for "free" to Cloud Innovation Ltd.

You are a criminal Owen, trying to protect with all your power the massive amount of non-legacy resources that were given by AfriNIC for "free" to the person that paid you and is paying you.

Unlike legacy resources, the massive amount of non-legacy resources that your employer received for "free", belong by law to the AfriNIC community.

Here is a partial list of Cloud Innovation non-legacy resources:

I would like to point out the following regarding your quotes:

"Originally, the space was used for some rather specialized connectivity services. Due to changes in the market and the legal environment, those services became less lucrative and the organization pivoted."
"Hardly any organization that has been in this business for more than 10 years is using every address they have for the exact purpose for which it was approved."
The four above non-legacy netblocks were allocated on 2015 and 2016 and 2014 and 2013 respectively, according to AfriNIC whois, and not more than 10 years ago.
According to Cloud Innovation Ltd homepage (https://cloudinnovation.org) - it was Established in 2013 (and in some point it partnered with LARUS Limited, another company of Mr. Lu).
In Mr. Lu webpage in his LARUS website (https://www.larus.net/heng-lu) his following quote is written:
"in 2016, I founded LARUS Limited, which became the market leader of IP (Internet Protocol) solutions provider in the world." was allocated to Cloud Innovation Ltd on 23th of September 2016.
According to RIPE Routing History tool, (as well as many other /16's in started to be announced by SEACOM (AS37353) on 20th of September 2016.


Also according to the RIPE Routing History tool it is possible to see how the all the non-legacy resources were leased to (or through) SEACOM (AS37353) near the time that the second /11 was handed to Mr. Lu (on 20th of September 2016).

Through RIPE Routing History tool it is possible to see how all the non-legacy resources that your employer received was intended for leasing purposes.

One last comment regarding your statement:
"Originally, the space was used for some rather specialized connectivity services"
Can you please explain to us all bird brains, like your friend Ronald mentioned, that don't know to read and to interpret the policies and procedures as you are, what "specialized connectivity services" need two whole /11's and /12's ? (equal to 6,291,456 IPv4 addresses that belong to AfriNIC community and currently being leased around the world, also for your own profit)

To me it looks like you are trying to scam us all like you scammed AfriNIC.

What is going on here, to whom Mr. Lu is paying that AfriNIC is doing exactly nothing regarding him.
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