[Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

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> Owen,


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>> What is more baffling is that its a lot of space and guess what, the members doesn't seem to have a known ASN.


> Please point me to the section of the CPM which requires a member holding IPv4 number resources to have an ASN.


> The CPM does not impose that a member holding IPv4 should have an ASN since there are valid scenarios for not having an ASN.

Then I am confused by your above quoted statement that it is “baffling...that the members[sic] doesn’t seem to have a known ASN”.

If you recognize that there are valid scenarios for having space and no ASN, how is this baffling?

> FWIW, an LIR in Afrinic documentation means: “Any Network Operator that provides Internet services to distinct end-users and end-sites.” In the same context, LIRs are allocated IPv4 space of type Provider Aggregatable “Allocated PA”.

Yes. It does not specify the type of internet services. Are you arguing that the leasing of address blocks is not an internet service? I think there are many lessees on the internet that would differ with you about that. There are many types of internet services that are not necessarily “internet connectivity services”. Surely if the intent were to specify only internet connectivity services, then the documentation would say specifically that, no?

> While an LIR may not have the need to run BGP and express unique routing policy distinct from the ones of its providers, there is a requirement to operate a network and offer internet services which use the IP addresses assigned to the end-users. Such a scenario is easily traceable and provable.

There is? Please show me where this requirement is codified. Please show me where the requirement to operate a network is tied to the offering of internet services.

> This is not the case here, where an LIR does not run a network to serve the users to whom IP addresses are assigned to. We’ve seen LoA's and hijacking and misappropriation of the ASNs by those trying to use these "assignments". The evidence is publicly available.

No, sir, you have not. You have seen LOAs for a valid leasing of address space. You have seen erroneous origination from an ASN by one customer on one occasion. Hijacking is a deliberate act, not an erroneous misconfiguration.

> Maybe the conversation to have is about the type of network and services this LIR is operating and offering, to determine if they need an ASN or not.

The failure here is yours. Your failure to recognize that there are internet services which are possible outside of the offering of internet connection services and that such services are not prohibited by current policy. If you wish to mandate that IP addresses may only be used in providing internet connectivity services, then feel free to submit a proposal to do so, but as the current CPM reads, no such requirement exists and it is inappropriate for you to hold others accountable to the assumptions you read into the policy which are not, in fact, contained in the wording of the policy.


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