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Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Wed Aug 4 02:48:59 UTC 2021

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Arnaud AMELINA <amelnaud at gmail.com> wrote:

>> The names of board members or board chairmen on these dates is perfectly

>> irrelevant because the board never reviewed any of these allocations,

>> or any of the documents or other materials that were used to justify them.

>> The allocations were all made as a result of "staff" decisions, not the

>> board.


>You can't be totally sure on this one, because it was the period we saw the

>Board playing the CEO Prerogatives, and entering in the micromanagement of

>AFRINIC, remember.

Even Owen Delong, Lu Heng's unoffical chief lobbyist, as admitted that
at least two of these four allocations where made without ANY review
by the board at the time, and indeed, if you look back at the archives,
and at the mailing list discussions that took place at the time, it was
agreed at the time and in public that some of these allocations were made
strictly and only on the basis of "staff" decisions, and that the board
was not involved in the decision process AT ALL.

I have personally interviewed knowlegable sources who have asserted to
me privately that -none- of the four Cloud Innovation requests for IPv4
address space were ever reviewed by the board. So unless you have some
different and conflicting information which might suggest that that is
not true, I am going to go with that for now.... all four CI allocations
were made strictly and only on the basis of "staff" decisions. That is
my opinion, based on my interviews of knowlegable sources.

>> The first two of these allocations were granted under CEO Akplogan, who

>> did not leave his CEO position until January 31, 2015:


>> https://afrinic.net/20140917-ceo-adiel-akplogan-resign


>I'm OK with this one too, but he already resigned before the allocation,

>isn't it?

Yes, Akplogan had resigned as of September 17, 2014, but he was still sitting
in the captain's chair and he was still calling the shots until January 31,
2015. The block was allocated to Cloud Innovation on
December 1, 2014, after Akplogan's resignation but before his resignation
became effective.


If the ship of AFRINIC hit an iceberg... or perhaps multiple icebergs...
and if it started taking on water, and if the lifeboats had to be deployed
at any time prior to January 31, 2015, then I think it is clear who must
ultimately be held responsible for that. Ignorance is never a valid
excuse for a captain not to be aware that his ship is taking on water,
especially when the lives or fortunes of so many others are depeding on
him being awake and alert.

>> The two later allocations were granted under CEO Barrett.


>If do so, how come New CEO gave 2 of /11 in such a short time?

Good question! Maybe if we ever get to see the original justifications
we may get to find out. But it appears that Lu Heng is not eager for
anyone to see those documents, and I guess that he also doesn't want to
even have to show those documents in court, which might explain why he
and his many associates and sock puppets are so eager to drive AFRINIC
into a early grave, before things ever even get that far in court where
he might have to show his whole hand.

>> ALL of the allocations were made during a time period when Ernest

>> Byaruhanga was a high-ranking officer of AFRINIC.


>You're right on this one too.

You say that as if there was ever any doubt.

I'm not the guy who has been lying about stuff or hiding stuff. I am the
guy who has found and told the straight truth, from the beginning.

I can do that because I have no personal financial stake in any of these
matters. My only motivation is to see justice prevail.


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