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Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Aug 3 23:07:04 UTC 2021

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Arnaud AMELINA <amelnaud at gmail.com> wrote:

>As I said before, history knows who were in the place when all resources

>were provided to CI. After some research, we can summarize as follows:


>Adiel was not the ceo who allocated all the numbers and we can see how the

>allocations went 1st /12 2nd /12 and then the 1st /11 and 2nd /11 and all

>this happened within a 12 months time frame!

I'm sorry, but your information is just not accurate. The version history
of each block provides the correct information about the original
allocation dates, and it is as follows:

2013-07-24 --
2014-12-01 --
2015-12-22 --
2016-09-23 --

Do you disagree with this timeline? If so, on what basis?

Th names of board members or board chairmen on these dates is perfectly
irrelevant because the board never reviewed any of these allocations,
or any of the documents or other materials that were used to justify them.
The allocations were all made as a result of "staff" decisions, not the

The first two of these allocations were granted under CEO Akplogan, who
did not leave his CEO position until January 31, 2015:


The two later allocations were granted under CEO Barrett.

ALL of the allocations were made during a time period when Ernest Byaruhanga
was a high-ranking officer of AFRINIC.

In my opinion, -all- of these allocations are suspect, and they are made
moreso because neither Lu Heng nor his apparent primary spokesman here,
Owen DeLong, has seen fit to share with any of us any of the materials or
documentation that was used to provide the required justifications for
any of these allocations -originally- even though it is 100% clear that
all such records, dating back nearly five years ago to over eight years
ago, are no longer in any sense relevant to Cloud Innovation's -current-
business model or business operations.

The time for dark secrets is over. Lu Heng has elected to try his case
on the mailing lists and in the press. OK. Fine. Then let's do that.

The question of whether or not Lu Heng's -current- usage of his IP space
does or does not meet acceptable criteria is irrelevant if his -original-
justifications for the space were in any way inadequate or less than
truthful. So let's see those original justifications and let the people
decide whether or not Lu Heng even deserved to be granted this much IPv4
space in the first place.

Only Lu Heng can give us those original justification documents, if he so
chooses. AFRINIC is still bound by confidentiality rules and thus cannot
legally provide them to any party outside of AFRINIC.


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