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Eddy Kayihura eddy at afrinic.net
Tue Jul 14 14:57:24 UTC 2020

Hi Libren,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your previous mail.

In January, 2020 AFRINIC as the regional Internet registry for the
African region and custodian of this continent’s Internet number
resources kicked off a project to review and update all WHOIS database
records to guarantee the WHOIS database accuracy.

As you can imagine this project is a massive undertaking not only in
terms of human resources working on it but also the due diligence
requirements that are needed to deal with this matter to guarantee the
highest degrees of accuracy possible.

As I mentioned in my previous communication in phase one of this project
we have managed to reclaim over 1 million IPv4 addresses.

/Reclaimed addresses are those IP addresses that have been de-registered
(deleted) from the WHOIS database.  Upon their deletion, AFRINIC has
quarantined these IPs until such time that they can be brought back to
the available AFRINIC pool./

We also managed to reverse the registration of over 300K IPv4 addresses.

/Reversals on IP address prefixes usually will entail reversing some
changes that were made to them on the AFRINIC WHOIS database. These IP
prefixes will continue to be present in the AFRINIC WHOIS database with
changes to some of its attributes. /

We are still investigating over 2 million IPv4 addresses which is why I
cannot go into too much detail on a public mailing list.

Having said that we are working on producing a full report for the
community as soon as we legally can. I ask the AFRINIC members and
community for its kind understanding on the matter and I promise more
will follow soon.

As for other matters such as route leaks or hijacks and other Internet
incidents that might occur on the Internet routing table, AFRINIC in its
mandate as custodian of the resources has no mandate to act as the
routing police. The boundaries of what AFRINIC can and cannot do are
based on the policies that the community has defined and those are all
available on our website. You will also understand that we prefer not
discuss member specific complaint on mailing-list. We still have the
duty to maintain confidentiality in all matters concerning both our
members as well as other parties with whom we have a working
relationship. However, should you have valid concerns, inter-Alia,
regarding the status of a particular member-organization, or the manner
that we operate, you are invited to contribute and communicate your
feedback through different existing channels and we guarantee that due
consideration will be given to the same.

As for dealing with such technical incidents, the Internet community has
managed to successfully handle them time and time again and I know for a
fact that the African technical community is both knowledgeable and
self-organized enough to deal with any technical issues related to such

Kind regards,


Eddy Kayihura

Chief Executive Officer

African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC)

t: +230 403 5100 | tt: @afrinic | w: www.afrinic.net <http://www.afrinic.net>

On 22/06/2020 17:56, libren at tuta.io wrote:


> Dear Eddy,

> Thank you for updating the community. 

> Can you give some more details about  your first point?


> 1. IP were claimed because of wrong WHOIS? when these Ip will be

> available for recycle?

> 2. What is difference between ip addresses reclaimed and IP addresses

> reversed?

> 3. Wondering on what grounds IP were allocation in the first place

> which are reversed and claimed?

> 4.

> There is one more thread active about cloud innovations they have

> 2 x /11 and none of the IP are announced from Afrinic ASN or

> region but USA via Multacom ASN https://bgp.he.net/AS35916 

> It is a violation of Afrinic policy if IP are not announced from

> Africa region or Afrinic ASN. Are such kind of allocations under

> investigation?


> 1.    Regarding the WHOIS database accuracy, we have completed the

> first phase of the task. We have done all the reclaims and reversals

> possible. We have also initiated communication with the remaining

> holders of resources to allow them to prove the basis of their claim to

> the right of use.


>  [Some stats: 1,060,864 IP addresses reclaimed, 336,640 IP addresses

> reversed, 2,517,760 IP addresses still under investigation]


> Regards,

> Libren

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