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Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Dec 24 08:12:27 UTC 2020

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"S. Moonesamy" <sm+af at afrinic.net> wrote:

>>There is no basis in law for this. AFRINIC and S. Moonesamy are simply



>What is the basis in law which permits a researcher to access the {data} in

> bulk?

This is the single most bizzare question I have been asked this entire
year. And it has already been quite a strange year!

Where are you located Mr. Moonesamy? Are you in a place where only things
that are expressely allowed by law are permitted??

Where I am, in also in about 99.99% of all countries on earth, that isn't
the way the law works. Rather, in every single place on earth that I am
aware of, the law tells you what is NOT permitted... not what *IS* permitted.

I might as well ask you where in law it is permitted for you to draw a
breath. Can you show me the particular Mauritian law that permits you
to do that? If not, then you should most certainly stop doing that
immediately before someone calls the Mauritian police to report you for


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