[Community-Discuss] requesting database cleanup

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Thu Aug 27 18:57:25 UTC 2020


sorry for the disturbance in the regular programming.

I was about to ask (on this list or another) for a contact to help clean
up a suspicious entry in the RADB IRR - yes, not related to AfriNIC.

but looking at the entry:

$ whois AS64500
[Querying whois.radb.net]
aut-num: AS64500
as-name: LARUS-2
descr: Larus Cloud Service Limited
admin-c: Tingting Xu
tech-c: tingting xu
changed: h.lu at laruscloudservice.net 20180622 #08:42:16Z
source: RADB

I was wondering if maybe someone subscribed to *this* mailing list was
the creator and has full ability to remove an aut-num object, which per
[how did I get to that?

... is an ASN reserved for documentation.

Does anyone have the power to just remove this object referring to an
ASN that is not theirs?

PS: yes, I was reading some documentation with this ASN and was not
aware of the reservation, and looked it up in whois, and got the "funny"
entry in RADB...

PPS: possible improvement: if anyone can get RADB to prevent reserves
ASNs to be created in their DB as aut-num, that'd be great.


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