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Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Nov 8 07:29:02 UTC 2019

On 8/Nov/19 05:54, Ali Hussein wrote:


> Your points are noted. Let me make one or two points clear.


> 1. There is a clear separation of duties between executive and board.

> I'm not suggesting that the Board usurp the role of the CEO. Or vice

> versa. I'm simply saying there are issues that the CEO CANNOT purport

> to speak for the board. This is basic corporate governance 1o1. For

> example, if there's an issue with the NomComm or HR & Governance

> committee pertaining to the conduct of a senior executive or the CEO

> himself, there will be a clear conflict for the CEO to address such

> matters. 


> 2. If the community is unclear between the roles of the Board and the

> CEO then I suggest that they read up on this and/or Afrinic endeavors

> to capacity build the community on the same.

I think it would not be unreasonable for the CEO to give us a simple
summary of when we should expect to hear from the Board in lieu of him.

The membership could read the bylaws about this, but I imagine a simple
message from the CEO will provide more clarity than wading the wording.


> A board that is detached from the rest of the organization, seemingly

> like they are some demi-gods, is one of the reasons that companies

> lose their way..There's a fine balance between 'interference' and

> 'neglect'. We must ensure that Afrinic doesn't suffer from this.

You are interpreting my comments about my organization's Board as them
being detached from the organization. That is not what I said, and you
are welcome to re-read my e-mail.

I said my staff (the ones that report to me) would not typically be
involved with the Board. However, I, and upper management, are more
likely to be involved with the Board. I'm sure you get this.

The depth of structure of an RIR's governance is a lot simpler than that
of an organization such as ours, i.e., the membership are more likely to
run into and interact with the Board as a matter of course than, say,
all the staff at a highly structured organization would theirs.

So no, I'm not advocating that AFRINIC members do not speak to the
Board, and I am sure you know that.


> One last point. The chairperson of a board is supposed to represent

> the board in such matters. Not the CEO. This MUST be made clear. Board

> matters are Board matters. He/she is First Among Equals. 

Again, grateful if the CEO can dumb it down for us.

I could read it for myself, but in the interest of the avoidance of any
doubt, nothing beats the horse's mouth. I'm getting old and lazy, so
this sort of thing is helpful.

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